17 PAX post at SSS for today’s Beatdown administered by Nomad. This was my first lead at this AO, so many exercises required a preceding demonstration. Solid work by all, you should be proud.


Mosey to the church parking lot.

SSH, Imperial Walkers and Sun Gods helped prep for an intro to the HERNIATED DISKS!!!

A cone and 8 disks were placed in the center of our circle. Each man would use the disks to slide to or from the center of the circle while the remaining PAX continued the following exercises…

Hill Billy

Plank with opposite arm and leg raised

SSH and a few others

The Thang:

Mosey back to the b-ball court to begin a Tabata circuit made up of 8 exercises. 30 sec. AMRAP, 10 sec. rest. Plank or reverse plank during the 10 seconds of rest.

Triple lunge jump

Ab chopper

3 plank jacks with a CAN CAN

Imperial squatters

X – Merkin

Jump Squat



We completed 2 rounds. After round one, we did some leg/core/balance work.


Introduction of the Dirty Dog – A plank with butt in the air alternating toe touches. Between each toe touch, lower hips to the ground. Great core, back and shoulder exercise.

WWII Crabcakes

Chilcut Twists


Box cutters


American Hammers

Additional exercises let by:

3 for 1 – body builders

Graffiti – Shoulder taps

Thanks for the help guys.


We need to lift up Wojo and Bedbug’s family. Their mother has received a recent diagnosis and needs our prayers.

Thanks for the opportunity to get better along with you at SSS. I’m gonna’ be sore after that one.

Nomad out.

PAX: Nomad

QIC: 07/13/2016