My first visit to the world renown Quaker Crater also happened to include Q duties!  After a brief AO inspection early Sunday AM, I decided to peruse the BB’s for said AO and see how the Crater PAX have lived for the last year+.  I wanted to make sure I lived up to PAX high standards. Wow!  It didn’t take too many BB posts to realize these #Natville men know how to attack the #DRP with reckless abandon: pressure is on! AO mapped, plan made, instructions for PAX written out: check, check, check. Out the door early with plenty of time to prep, layout instructions and greet the PAX……without my sheets! Well…a mental Weinke will have to suffice.

15 Crater PAX arrive early and ready to go. YHC greeted PAX with brief introduction, reminder of F3 purpose (butchered for sure) and disclaimer. No FNG’s – we’re off!

Mosey to bottom of hill on Price Park Dr. to entry road for library

Warmarama (IC)

SSH x 25

IW x 25.

Abe Vigodas x 25 (for you Snookie!)

Sungods (Sobriety style) x 15 each direction

Copperhead squats x 25

Double Applesauce back up Park Price Dr. to Sledding Hill (just learned that name at SF before launch)

Thang 1

Partner Hill C.L.I.M.B.

Bottom of Hill Exercises (AMRAP – as many reps as possible):

Crab Cakes


Iron Cross

Mt. Climbers

Burpees (at least a few for anyone doing the F3 Burpee Challenge)

Top O The Hill:

Crucible Merkins x 25

LBC x 40

Iron Hulk x 20 (1:4 ratio – #crowdpleaser – how long do 20 take? Sheesh!)

Monkey Humpers x 40

Bear Crawl (from opposite curb to fence)

Partner A performs bottom of hill exercises while partner B sprints up hill and performs Top O The Hill Exercises, returns and switches with A.  Each partner completes all exercises.

After one round of CLIMB, 10 count walk called before mosey to Picnic Tables (Yes – I found these in my advance recon!)

Thang 2

Partner Dips x 25

Derkins x 25

Step Ups x 25 each leg (Yes – each leg)

Partner Arm Ups x max reps (#watchyourteeth)

Most PAX made it through almost 2 cycles.

Mosey back to parking lot with a little backwards mosey and a last 50 yard sprint sprinkled in to top it all off with little time left.


Crunchy Frogs x 25

American Hammer x 20

I thought there was one more MOM exercise, but it escapes me now if so.


Thanks to the PAX in attendance for rolling with my fluid instructions sans signage to lead the way. Hopefully my mental Weinke served us OK. It was an honor to lead the PAX at this great AO. Thank you for the warm welcome, #mumblechatter and most especially the hard work. At minimum, I hope you got what you paid for this morning. Beyond that, I hope it was worth the effort to deny the fartsack and kick off the week with the brave men of #Natville. Thanks for having me along for the ride.

COT: Spam(?) with a fine prayer for our country and the men of F3.

An honor and pleasure!



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