This morning started off with the men in blue keeping watch on the parking deck was setup for the morning workout.  Q decided to let them have their turf and shorten the course and also will allow closer proximity to the speaker tied to Pandora on the Prince Station (more on that later).  Long time was there early with Sacked provided weights (thank you!).  No Snookie, Pamela or Boy Wonder to take the 35s or 40s.  Also Butt Fumble rolled in with the thunder truck from the 70s (awesome stuff).

Also JR broke out the Snookie style transmission weights.  Fannie broke

At 5:29, Tommy Boy, Gold Digger and Polar rolled in and that is when the fun started.  Q mentioned some Yoga exercises and tried the combo of plank, downward dog followed by 10 merkins oyo.  Went thru (5) cycles.  Q was pretty smoked in the shoulders after completion.  Think Wojo was asking for another 5 sets.  We had a request from Butt Fumble for Hugs (Wicked style).  Then we went on our six and did the figure 4 leg stretch on both sides followed by a 6″ hold for Butt Fumbles count.  30 (wait for it), 30 (wait for it), 20 (wait for it), 10 (wait for it), 10 (wait for it), and then recover.  Nice work.  Then went into table with Butt Fumble raising one leg and discussions on Yoga moves.  Lightyear was interested and Wojo recommended Q not go to anymore Yoga as Warm-O-Rama was not standard issue.

(10) stations with partner A and partner B exercises were setup.  Pax made it thru all stations.  Each station was lots of fun.  Shoulders feels good!

Half way thru workout, Polar asked if that was spotify or other on the loud speaker.  Mentioned free Pandora and he mentioned No Prince on free Pandora.  Q said that was interesting because there had been no Prince playing – Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, etc.  Thank you for letting me know!

Station #1

Partner A – T bar Merkins x 20

Partner B – LBCs

Station #2

Partner A – Overhead Press x 30

Partner B – Jump Squats

Station #3

Partner A – Bent Row x 30

Partner B – Burpees

Station #4

Partner A – Curls x 30

Partner B – Low Slow Flutter Kicks

Station #5

Partner A – Tricep Extensions x 30

Partner B – Alternating Should Taps

Station #6

Partner A – Kettlebell Swing x 50

Partner B – Sit Ups

Station #7

Partner A – Diamond Push Ups x 30

Partner B – Freddy Mercury

Station #8

Partner A – Clean and Press x 30 

Partner B – Air Claps

Station #9

Partner A – Table Bench Press x 20 each arm

Partner B – ABCs – spell the alphabet with feet together

 Station #10

Partner A – Man Makers (by Dos) Burpee with plank jack and standing with weights x 12

Partner B – Man Makers x 12

At 6:10, 6 MOM was called.  Plank for the six and then Yoga core work started.  Left leg up and right leg at 6 inches and then crunches x 12, change legs x 12, then both legs 6″ with crunch.  Core was done.  Then called for crowd favorite of 5 Tbar Merkins each arm.  Wojo loves these.

COT – Wojo


2nd F at Caribou Coffee

Wojo mentioned 3rd F this week on Wednesday at Harris Teeter and Panera on Lawndale – Free to Lead –

Butt Fumble on Q tomorrow at CN.  Drago at Jaycee Park on Thursday morning (Longtime’s New AO with weights, no running).

Prayer request for Butt Fumble’s grandfather who is not feeling well – Horace Hecht

Butt Fumble mentioned next Service project on September 17th – painting Glenwood area houses.






PAX: Wilson

QIC: 07/12/16