Another steamy hot July morning greeted a PAX of 12 men assembled in Oak Ridge at the Cadet Lab with the commitment to get better.  The Kernersville PAX was baited in a Preblast to take the red pill in Oak Ridge and Dr. Evil represented for them as he came screeching in on two wheels at 0529.  Today’s workout was run heavy as new parts of the AO were explored and new exercises were introduced.  Thanks to an old rappelling rope that YHC hacked up late last night, we performed lots of partner work with jump roping along the way.  Be sure to catch the Moleskin at the end…the workout went something like this…


Mosey to concession area – -forward, backward, skip, karaoke, sideways

Sun Gods (Fwd/Rev)- Welcome/Exercise Structure – End w/ Squatting Chinooks

Windmills x 15 (IC)

4 Burpees – OYO (For the Burpee Challenge folks…Stubing these were for you…we missed you!)

Cobra Stretch to feet (x2) – Pick a Partner for the Workout

4 Burpees – OYO

Mosey to new part of the AO, Outdoor Auditorium – Around Outfield of Baseball Fields


Partner A:  Jump rope until Partner B returns, Partner B:  Peddle hill backwards, 10 Leg Pullup/Curls (there has got to be a name for this?) on playground, return to Partner B. Flapjack.  Perform Exercise once; Hold Plank until 6 is in. 

Partner A:  Jump rope until Partner B returns, Partner B:  Peddle hill backwards to playground, do 15 WW1 Sits ups Return to Partner B. Flapjack. Perform exercise once.  Plank until six is in.     

Mosey to Baseball Field 1, another new part of the AO.

   Dips in the Dugout (Dugout Dips) – Perform exercise while Partner B runs the bases (x2).  Flapjack. 

   Something about running bases even as an adult that brings the kid out in all of us?  Big Mitt would have enjoyed.

Mosey to Baseball Field 2

Prisoner Get Ups in Left field while partner runs bases twice.  Flapjack.  At this point, the PAX is getting rather winded and I’m seeing distant stares at the two soccer fields left to explore.  Flashbacks from 6 weeks ago of the 120 yard bear crawl on the soccer field lingered in the back of the PAX minds as we moved on to the next  exercise.  Lucky for the PAX, the soccer fields were closed for renovation.

Mosey to Outside of Soccer Field 1

    Partner A runs approximately 120 yards, performs (Qty. 8) jumpsquats while Partner A stays and

    Jump ropes.  Flapjack. 

Mosey back to Baseball Field 1 (because Soccer Field 2 was closed)

    140 Yard Bear Crawl To finish it out strong!

Mary (cut way short due to time)

   Pickle Pounders (10 Per Side)

   American Hammer (20)

Announcements:  Dr. Evil shared experience with Kville Saturday workout where the PAX ran to Mary’s house in Kville to show support for her as she battles various stages and types of cancer.  The PAX performed Warm-O-Rama in her driveway (including Monkey Humpers led by Kay) and then had a group prayer for her and her family as she fights this terrible disease.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

COT:  Nails


YHC was overly impressed by the effort and attitude of the PAX today.  From start to finish, the PAX went hard and was open minded to many new exercises, especially the jump roping.  Me personally, being tall and white, coordination has never been my thing so jump roping is harder than it looks for me.  I continue to be inspired by guys like Heisenberg  (RESPECT) and Dr. Evil (RESPECT) who come out every week to get better.   Polo, you are a good role model to stir your 2.0 out of the bed.  Misfire looked like a natural jump roping and Botox had the gallop thing going on but it was working for him.  Great determination to finish the bear crawl from Ashley, Double Check, Daughtry, and Nails.  Welcome FNG Barry Carson (Convoy) to the Cadet Lab.  We hope you come back and bring an FNG with you!  Lastly, and most importantly, five months into F3 has reaffirmed to me that the first F is really the least significant F.  It is the Fellowship and Faith that cement what F3 is really about.  To experience the full benefit of F3, I encourage you to take that next step and get involved beyond the first F.  Participate in a 3rd F, attend 2nd F events, or better yet, be the leader God calls on each of us to be and lead an F.

Thanks for the privilege to Q today.  It’s always an honor. 



PAX: 9

QIC: 0