YHC had the pleasure to lead 18 PAX on the morning of 7, 11, 2016…some great numbers to inspire the workout. Lights were turned on the baseball field to the PAX’s delight as they thought the Q had a special “IN”…but were just let down as YHC didn’t take advantage at all..

After the F3 disclaimer (no FNG’s today), we moseyed to the parking lot beside Iron hen for some warm-o-rama.


SSH IC x 25

Windmills IC x 20

Sungods forwards IC x 15, reverse x 15, no recovery

Chinooks x 15 – recover

Then we toed the line for some Hermey-style warm up:

High knees across the parking lot

Butt kickers back

backwards run across

Carioca back

Carioca back (facing same direction)

sprint 60% across

sprint 80%

recover and mosey to the shed near the ball fields for The Thang.

The Thang:

Series of 7’s and 11’s in honor of July 11th…not the 7/11 convenience store and Big Glup…

First set of 7’s

Derkins and Squats (6:1 to 1:6)

then mosey to the parking lot for round 2

Round 2: set of 11’s

Burpees and Lunges (10:1 to 1:10)

sprinting across the parking lot between burpees and lunges

then mosey back to the shed for round 3

Round 3: set of 11’s

Irkins and Dips (10:1 to 1:10)

then mosey to the parking lot for round 4

Round 4: set of 7’s

LBCs and Turkish get ups (6:1 to 1:6)

****rinse and repeat until time was called. After time called moseyed to parking lot across from shovel flag for some Mary


started with some plank work:

1 minute of plank, followed by 45 seconds of alternating shoulder taps (was IC, but number didn’t matter…), followed by 1 minute of plank.

Crunchy frogs IC x 20

LBCs Ic x 20

Finished with American Hammer IC x 20

Great job by the PAX! Saw many men pushing themselves very hard!


– Check out Rainbow Dash on Saturdays at Mendenhall Middle school…great AO. Need PAX

– Get on Twitter and tell your F3 buddies…best was to know whats happening in the F3 world and who’s leading what workouts

– Everest on the Q at Local Honey wednesday (his 1 year anniversary

– More Hermey at Uptown Funk Friday

– D-fib mentioned the Navy special warfare training in Annapolis, MD…see him if interested and for more info

– Arise AO = Amphibious on the Q

Amphibious led us out this morning! Thank you!

My pleasure men! Thank you for the opportunity to lead!

SYITG again soon!


PAX: Hermey

QIC: 07/11/2016