6 MANthers descended upon Cougar Town and “put their names on a beat down” that will certainly reappear at a #convergence in the near future. It went something like this…

After a mosey that toured the AO, we circled up for:


SSH x 25 IC

Sun Gods x 15 IC

Chinooks x 15 IC

Moroccan Night Club x 15 IC

Sun Gods (reverse) x 15IC

Monkey Humpers x 15 IC

Imperial Walkers x 25 IC

200 yard mosey down the hill and we stumbled across 6 perfectly stacked paver stones (#coupons). What luck! Each member of the PAX grabbed a coupon and moseyed up the hill to the Shot Put Circle to deposit the coupon and mosey around the track as follows:

50M – Butt Kickers

50M – High Knees

100M – Mosey

50M – Butt Kickers

50M – High Knees

Once we all arrived, we dove into:

The Thang (part I)

Divide the PAX in half. Start on opposite sides of the gridiron and flapjack after completing each set:

“Countdown Beatdown” (all single count & individual):

100 Squats

90 LBCs

80 – Mtn. Climbers

70 – Lunges

60 – Freddie Mercurys

50 – LSFs

40 – Mukhtar N’Diayes

30 – Sit-ups

20 – Merkins

10 – Supermans

Coupon Side:

10 Burpees on your 1st visit

10 Jack Webbs (w/ coupon) on your 2nd visit

rinse & repeat

Omaha called for time. Mosey the coupons back to where we found them. #ResponsibleCitizens

Mosey back around the AO to:

The Thang (part II):

Your first battle of the day is against the #fartsack. After that, a #HIM doesn’t have a great day, he MAKES it a great day; he puts his name on it. With that understanding, we put our F3 names on the day by completing a series of exercises that corresponded to each letter of our F3-given name. YHC (Tommy Boy) was not thinking when assigning 10xBurpees to the letter “M”.

While Team 1 was “putting their name on it”, Team 2 played with the #BigAssTire:

3 Tire Flips ea.

10 Box Jumps (on the B.A.T.)

3 Tire Flips ea.

10 Dips (on the B.A.T.)

3 Tire Flips ea.

10 Derkins (on the B.A.T.)

3 Tire Flips

Grab the rope on the B.A.T and, 1 at a time, drag the B.A.T. 20 feet.

Once all PAX were properly smoked, we moseyed back to the Shovel Flag for:


(cue The Who’s “Baba O’Riley”, now known as “Teenage Waistline” by the PAX

1 minute – Plank

1 minute – Elbow Plank

30 seconds – right arm up

30 seconds – left arm up

1 minute – Elbow Plank

1 minute – Plank

Finish STRONG with American Hammers x 25 IC

YHC took us out with prayers that this week is not representative of “the new normal” for our country, that we can find a place to come together, to be accountable to each other for our actions and to have a face-to-face conversation to better understand one another. “Love” is a tough word for many of us big boys to say out loud, so let’s get over that and lead with it.


Prayers for safe travels:

Norwood’s family is currently visiting his M’s family in France

Thurmanator’s M & 2.0 as they serve on a Mission in Malawi

Prayers for healing:

Bedbug’s/Wojo’s mom as she has been diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. No chemo is required, surgery forthcoming and the doctors are confident in a speedy & full recovery.

NOTE: Encourage your M’s to get checked out.


Playslist for the beatdown can be found HERE.

Tclaps to the PAX for the incredible work you put in this morning. YHC is humbled to have been with you in the gloom; thanks for the opportunity to lead.


Tommy Boy

PAX: 07/09/16

QIC: avatar_box