As I walked out the house eagerly anticipating my first Saturday Q, I was pleasantly surprised the air felt almost cool.  After a long 1 minute commute to the A/O with my trusty 2.0 sidekicks Wildcat & VanSlyke, the full joy of July AM humidity in North Cackalacky greeted us when the car doors opened.  Wet grass from overnight T-storms, wet air per the season: perfect conditions to sweat out the toxins!  With 1 minute to go, it was looking like the morning would be a Chips family reunion until some of #Natville’s Natville’s sugar rays arrived on 2 wheels to put YHC to the test.  No FNG’s; no disclaimer.  Some #mumblechatter about YHC’s shameless Q plug the morning prior at Uptown Funk not working out too well for attendance.  Time to Mosey.

Back basketball court warmarama (all IC):

SSH x 25

IW x 25

Abe Vigoda x 25

Copperhead squats x 25

Mt. Climbers x 25

Adequately warmed up we mosey to Mendenhall Hill out front:


Thang 1:

Dora 1-2-3: Merkins x 100, LBC’s x 200, Squats x 300

Each partner performing 3 burpees at top of hill before returning to flap jack with partner

Wideleft impressively sprinkling in extra burpees to cover day #? of F3 Burpee Challenge – Quicken followed suit to keep up.

Time to mosey to ball fields for Thang 2

Oh wait, those picnic tables look lonely! Quick Omaha stop for:

Partner dips x 25 (partner A holds up partner B feet while B performs dips)

Cliff Hanger Arm-Ups x 5

Cliff Hangers a bit aggressive, especially counting reps the way the Q did – opted for 1 round of Cliffs & two rounds of dips.

Thang 2 (ball fields finally!)

Wham-O: PAX take turns throwing Frisbee, sprint until it hits the ground, then stop and perform: lunge walk, crab walk, dragon walk, duck walk, bear crawl.  Each PAX with chance to throw Frisbee at least twice.  Stopping in mud and wet grass = #noteasy!

Uh, oh – Q smoked at this point and sill a lot of time left on a Sat. AM. But Catch Us if You Can will have to wait for another day!

Mosey to back wall of school:

People’s Chair x 2 rounds with a few arm motions added in for fun

BTTW x 2 rounds

Going off Weinke, we mosey to center courtyard of school:



Step Ups

Two rounds of 25 reps each; 1 of 15 each.

Brief mosey to SF for 6MOM:

Floyd Mayweathers IC x 10

Superman/banana x who knows #crowdfavorite #Chipsstandard

Merican Hammer IC x 25

25 Merkin Salute to Police Officers in Dallas: 2 for each officer shot + 1 to cap it off.


Any announcements? – Crickets (could the quiet mean Chips actually smoked the crew?)

I hope your YHC was able to serve up enough 1st F Pain to properly send each of #Natville’s finest in attendance off to a good day.  The Rainbow Dash A/O is big and full of opportunity.  Let’s build the PAX attendance for continued great workouts.  Bring on the FNG’s!

COT: YHC took us out appreciative of the opportunity to lead with such fine men on flank, hopefully all invigorated for the day to come and receiving all we need from Sky Q to carry out His work.

Sounds repetitive I know, but always an honor and privileged to lead.

Thanks for showing up, shedding some salt water and pushing hard.



PAX: Chips

QIC: 07/09/16