26 PAX post to end the week on a strong note. One FNG Dan Bezanson – now “Bailout”… EH’ed by Bulldog. Keep spreading the news. It can change a man’s life.

Think I saw 4 that came in early for some extra credit: Tommy Boy, Everest, Boones Farm and Bourne. Well done!


Mosey around the track, stopping occasionally to perform the following:





Sun Gods

Runner’s stretch broga style

The Thang

Using the steps by the concessions stand we did:


Raised leg lunge (one leg behind you on the step while performing lunge)

Calf raises

Toe taps

Burpees (including box/stair jump in middle of burpee)

At this point partners were chosen. Partner one sat on top of stairs (back facing down the stairs) and leans back, suspended over lower steps while doing chest press with weights. Partner two helped by standing on partner’s toes to keep them from falling down the stairs. Alternate between curls, triceps press and shoulder raises when it is your turn to stand on partners toes.

Indian run one lap for a break, then back to:

Seated bicep curls, standing tricep extensions and deltoid work.

Groaning was getting louder, so mosey back to the shovel flag for some Mary.


Chillcut plank with hip twist in cadence


Box Cutters

WWII Crabcakes

Ab Chopper

Ending with ‘Merican Hammer

Awesome work by all today. I appreciate the opportunity to lead. During the warm-a-rama, I briefly mentioned the inspiration I receive often just by looking to my left or to my right when posting in the gloom. I aspire to emulate many of the men in our PAX and appreciate the efforts of the redwoods to plant, grow and serve. Each PAX has the capacity to make a difference as Hitman stated while taking us out today. Inspiration can come from unexpected sources and from all shapes and sizes. We just need to be willing and show up. While watching a movie with my son’s this past weekend, I was challenged by one of the characters when he said…”If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be better than what you are.” – Master Shifu (Kung Fu Panda 3) Like I said…unexpected sources…

Nomad out…


Huffy and Squirrell co-VQ next Friday 7/15.

Drago back from injury to Q Sweat Angel next Thursday 7/14.

Hit Man took us out today. Good to see you out in the gloom brother.

Everybody have a great weekend.


PAX: Nomad

QIC: 07/08/2016