31 PAX entered the urban gloom, posting at Uptown Funk to fully embrace a dusting off of an old time favorite in annals of F3 lore.  The Kirk commands respect and reverence from even the most savage and experienced PAX #SugarRays.  YHC observed literal silence at one point in the evolution, save for the heavy breathing and pools of sweat marking individual PAX territory like some military training PT session gone terribly wrong #Cohesion..  YHC and 3 for 1 on the dockett for a bi-cameral Q partnership in pain and discontent.  YHC begins with brief disclaimer and a bit of history for those of F3 Natville, reminding PAX that Dec 4th, 2014 marked the initial launch of what we now know as Uptown Funk…  12 PAX entered the icy gloom that day not even knowing what F3 could become. F3 Greensboro was a fragile thing at that time yet here we assemble shoulder to shoulder nearly 6 months out from Uptown Funk’s 2 year anniversary with 30+ PAX posting, and hundreds more across Natville.

Set phasers to stun. Here we go…


Mosey over to E. Market parking lot for a quick warm up led by 3 for 1:

  • SSH x20
  • Sun Gods x 15 forward / 15 reverse
  • Hillbilly’s x 20
  • Wind Mills x 20

The Thang

Spit PAX up into two groups (1 and 2).  Mosey back to Church Street parking deck to begin #Natville’s adaptation of a routine known far and wide in F3 Nation as #TheKirk…named for the Metro Q who conceived this devious #downpainment.  Group #1 starts on bottom of deck and Group #2 starts at top.

4 sets of the following:

  • Carolina Dry Docks  x 7
  • Merkins x 14
  • Goblet Squats x 21
  • Flock of Seagulls x 28
  • LBCs x 35
  • Run down the deck to street level, then back to top (or if you were group #1, run to top and back down) and Bam! One set down, 3 more to go…
  • kirk

Rinse & repeat for 3 more sets.

As PAX completed all 4 sets, transition to Plank, and impromptu Burpees led by Wide Left while waiting for the 6.  Some missed #Omaha but found their way back to bottom parking deck by street.  Sorry Fannie, remaining PAX were not caught up in vortex of the Rapture as it may heave seemed 🙂  After recovering 6, mosey back to #shovelflag parking area for 6MOM.


3 for 1 wraps the day’s chores up with plank twists, in ordinate amount of LSF’s, Crab Cakes and American Hammers


  •  #Tclaps to the 31 PAX that chose the #RedPill this morning.  YHC especially appreciative of the encouragement among the Pax as we ran up & down the parking deck.
  • Here’s what a few trips up & down the Church St parking deck look like… approx 2.5 miles


  • Tclaps to the #Sugarrays: Wide Left, Boatshow, Quicken, Cheesy Poof, Kitten, JR, Barcelona, Cummings and others that made quick work of this morning’s evolution.
  • Think Group #1 gets extra credit for actually running one more spin on the deck #Whatgoesupmustcomedown  Grpup #2 had #Implicit Advantage starting on top
  • Welcome back Cotters to Short Track (great effort out there), and Mingle (Brad Spivey) from FNG status yesterday morning to right back in the gloom this am.  Awesome work!
  •  It was an honor to help Q this morning.


Wide Left makes rule clarification on Burpee Challenge that many in Natville are pursuing…  Any and all Burpees executed at workouts count toward that day’s Burpee requirement.  YHC predicts a mass influx of Burpees in the coming days by those Q’ing, that may be involved in such nefarious activities.  Too bad this wasn’t announced prior to Bodette’s Burpathon (100 Burpees in 11 minutes) at Sweat Angel Thursday.  #DamnItAll

Chips promoting a change of pace this Saturday with Rainbow Dash (aka – shameless Q marketing for those not really following along)

3 for `1 mentions something about running in prep for BRR, or whatever else may cause a human being to run.  Opportunities at Sole Crusher and at splinter run groups Wednesday at Natty’s Hump, etc., etc.

All Hands Site Q meeting – Two Dates as options forthcoming for all Natville Site Q’s

COT:  Fannie took us out with words of healing for our nation fractured by the perils of anger, injustices, misunderstanding and pride, reminding us wisely to be judged by how we love others.

My privilege to help facilitate today with my wingman 3 for 1…

Aye, Gunny

PAX: Gunny and 3 for 1

QIC: 7/8/16