A PAX of 15 attacked The Swashbuckler this morning in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy.  We were joined by visitor Teddy, brother in law of YHC, from F3-Greensboro and FNG Christian Haycraft, Confuscious, brother in law of Chubbs.  It was a beautiful morning for a beatdown and with the clan properly welcomed and disclaimed, it was almost time, to get it going.  Before moseying off into the gloom, YHC shared some words from 1 Timothy 4:  7, 8.  “Train yourself for Godliness, for while bodily training is of some value, Godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and for the life to come.”  And with that we were off around to the back of the track for the


High Knees 25 yd, run 25 yd x2

Butt Kicks 25 yd, run 25 yd x2

SSH IC x20

Windmill IC x20

Tin Man 25 yd, run 25 yd x2, the lack of coordination is sometimes alarming

Twisting Lunge 25 yd, run 25 yd

Back Pedal 25 yd, run 25 yd

One legged Sun Gods IC x10 forward, x10 reverse

Warmed up and maybe even breathing a little heavy, it was time for

The Thang-The Mini Murph

The Mini Murphy is straight forward, no frills, no cones, no cards, and no tricks.  It starts with an 800 m run, 25 pull-ups, 50 merkins, and 75 squats.  That’s one set.  YHC’s goal was to complete two circuits in our allotted time.  That goal was met.  We even had time for an extra half set consisting of 400 m run, 13 pull-ups, 25 merkins, and 38 squats.

Not much mumblechatter this morning.  There was a lot of heavy breathing though.  And a lot of sweat.

This workout has challenges for everyone.  It is inspiring to watch everyone persevere through different parts of each workout that are difficult for them.  It’s never going to get easy, but each of us do get better.  Keep coming, keep pushing.  You may think you are going backwards at times, but I assure you, you are not.  You are sharpening the blade.  Yours.  And mine.

As we finished up the last set, Bayliner led the PAX back to the shovel flag for


LBCs IC x30

Low Slow Flutter IC x25

Box Cutters IC x20

Kardashians IC x15 on each side

Captain Thor IC x10


Welcome to Confuscious, I’ve never been more baffled during the Nameorama.  Tclaps.  That was a tough one to open up with.

Thanks for coming Teddy.  Way to keep up with Steamer.

Tinkerbelle Soiree tomorrow at Rotary, 0530, with one-eyed Dipstick and Reef Donkey on the Q.

Hero Patriot Saturday at WCHS, 0600, with a mystery q.

Slick Cam Saturday at Dunes Club, 0700, with Misty q’ing.

3rd F met at Cox’s this morning to continue discussing Freed to Lead.  This will continue for at least the next 5 weeks.  Tclaps to Madoff for q’ing this morning’s session on short notice.

Swaggert will continue to host a 3rd F on Wednesday’s at 1200 at 1st Methodist of MHC.  He is leading the PAX through Fruit of the Spirit.  Get up with Swaggert to getchee a book.

Keep in mind that the Clam Digger workouts in Beaufort will officially move to Tuesday this coming week.  If you feel compelled, consider making the trip to help give them what has been given to us.  We will also be doing a Q school in Beaufort on Thursday.  If you haven’t attended a q school yet, please make plans to make that trip.

Prayer Requests

Reef Donkey’s 2.0 on recovering from tonsillectomy

Tiny Dancer and the Wheeler Family

F3 Greenville brother Papa Smurf and his family

Steamer took the PAX out in the BOM with a message for individual needs, both spoken and unspoken.  He also made sure to ask that when any of us feel the need to ask for help, that God hear that request.

Thank you all for the opportunity to play along this morning.  I thank you all for getting up, getting out, and letting me share the morning with you.


Duck Butter

PAX: Duck Butter

QIC: 7/7/16