A short holiday week seemed to bring the Thursday workouts too quickly. YHC arrived a few minutes early to get in the mindset and greet the pax as they came in. Most were surprised when they were told that they would not need weights unless they wanted extra credit. I did not see any takers.#smartchoice. Immediately I noticed a FNG ready to try out this F3 thing. His sponsor, Butt Fumble, was a gracious host and offered him some gloves. A kind gesture and likely much appreciated about 10 minutes into the workout. Dragging my 2.0, Face-Off, with me I was ready to go, even if he claimed that I was too creative. YHC asked to site Q what the rules were and was told no running. You can read below that no running was done, but wanted to show that something can be done without weights that did not involve running. Some with knee/hip issues may have had to modify, but no one claimed it would be #easy. After greeting the 2nd FNG, I gave the full disclaimer before we got to it.


SSH x 21 IC  (always forget to stop the count on the first one of the day.

Lt. Dan walk into country park, stop at intersection. During walk, sun gods forward/reverse & Moroccan Nighclubs are called to perform while still walking. #mumblechatter ensued with this call. YES, it is a long way. YHC was missing the water after a long weekend at the lake and figured the sunrise over the Country Park pond would pacify me a bit. #notsureitdid All pax seemed warmed up at this point and the #mumblechatter was strong so it was time to quiet the pax down.


First things first, the music was turned up on an Americana playlist to continue the celebration of our country’s 240 years of independence. Now, on to the BURPEE CHALLENGE. No, not some measly 39 for the summer of burpee that #uptownfunk is doing, this was a truly ‘Merican beatdown of 100 burpees each pax. It is a shame that #uptownfunk changed the rules and these now count in their challenge, but they don’t seem to follow rules at that AO anyway. #pastproblematic #ABDworks

The goal of each member was to complete the called number of burpees each minute, like this:

  • Minute 1 – 8 burpees
  • Minute 2 – 9 burpees
  • Minute 3 – 10 burpees
  • Minute 4 – 11 burpees
  • Minute 5 – 12 burpees
  • Minute 6 – rest (completely necessary)
  • Minute 7 – 12 burpees
  • Minute 8 – 11 burpees
  • Minute 9 – 10 burpees
  • Minute 10 – 9 burpees
  • Minute 11 – 8 burpees

At some point, Butt Fumble didn’t like the song on the playlist and tried to hijack the speaker. #nolove for pre-twirk Miley. It was equally disturbing on many fronts, but where else can you hear the following together? (Big & Rich, Springsteen, Don McLean, George Thorogood, Katy Perry, Lee Greenwood, Oak Ridge Boys, and Earl Dibbles Jr) Is it really the Qs fault if the pax has no diversity of culture? I apologize to Bed Bug for the lack of Neil Diamond as teased, the random just did not make it there.

Having competed the BURPEE CHALLENGE, we had time left for some lazy dora.

Lazy Dora Partners complete the following:

  • 100 Merkins-P1 10 merkins; P2 plank – flapjack until 100 total compete
  • 200 LBCs – P1 20 LBC; P2 6-inches – flapjack until 200 total complete
  • 300 Squats – P1 30 squats; P2 Al Gore – flapjack until 300 total complete

Plank for the 6 to finish.


Boxcutter x 10 IC

Not so Lazy boys 4-10 counts; #crowdpleaser *thanks to Sacked, Tommy Boy, Big Mitt, and Butt Fumble for the counts

Pretzel Crunch x 10 IC each side

American Hammer x 15 IC

Announcements and Moleskin:

  • Kotters to Short Track. Great to see you back out. Regular attendance makes you better!
  • Great job to Hit Man and Butt Fumble on the FNGs! Always be EHing someone.
  • Double Tap was making short work of the burpees. #welldone
  • This workout needs Qs as do others. Reach out to the site Qs to volunteer. #don’twaittobeasked
  • 3rd F each day of the week, try one! It is the DYNAMITE!
  •  Many thanks to Nixon for taking us out.
  • Not often that a 15 yo FNG posts and is not the the #war_baby. Humbled and amazed my 2.0 wants to join me in the gloom. Can’t think of better male leaders for him to be around.
  • With a restriction of #norunning, YHC thinks this WO can hold it’s own for toughness against Udders at #SCK or #theMurph today.

Always an honor to lead even with #mumblechatter. Never imagined I would be completing 100 burpees in a week much less in under 11 minutes when I was a #sadclown. Thank you the Natville Pax for making me stronger. #ISI

PAX: 273

QIC: 12