8 Natville pax joined YHC on a warm and humid morning to enjoy the wide open spaces of Summerfield and a late celebration of Independence Day.  It went down something like this:


Pledge of Allegiance at Shovel Flag

Mosey to Summerfield Elementary School

Balls to the Wall (30 seconds on YHC count:  count seemed to speed up the closer we got to the end)

SSH X 13

Cotton Pickers X 13

Moroccan Nightclubs X 16 (YHC got too excited by this exercise and kept going past 13)

Windmills X 13

Sun Gods (Dr. Evil Style) X 13

Reverse Sun Gods (Dr. Evil Style) X 13

The Thang

YHC informed the pax the number 13 stood for the original 13 colonies and the USA’s 1st 13 states.  YHC then split the pax into 4 groups and asked they report to a station on the Summerfield Elementary track to do 13 each of the following:

Station #1

Delaware (1st state):  Diamond Merkins OYO

Pennsylvania (2nd state):  Pattycake Merkins OYO

New Jersey (3rd state):  Nolan Ryans IC

Station #2

Georgia (4th state):  Gorilla Humpers IC

Connecticut (5th state):  Copperhead Squat IC

Massachusetts (6th state):  Merkin OYO

Station #3

Maryland (7th state):  Monkey Humpers IC

South Carolina (8th state):  San Antonio Shuffle OYO #realcrowdpleaser

New Hampshire (9th state; exercise named after Concord):  Chinook IC

Station #4

Virginia (10th state;  exercise named after Hampton):  Hillbillies IC

New York (11th state;  exercise named after Buffalo):  Bobby Hurley’s OYO

North Carolina (12th state;  exercise named after Asheville):  Abe Vigoda IC

After completing the four stations the pax then all met up at Station #5 to do the Rhode Island (13th state) exercise:  Ranger Merkins! #anotherrealcrowdpleaser

After Round 1 YHC realized a few of the pax were not familiar with the exercises YHC dug DEEP in the exicon for (fail on YHC’s part).  Since YHC believes in “practice makes perfect” we did another round!  Unfortunately due to time we did not complete Station #5 the second time #paxdidn’tseemto mind.  We then ran back to the shovel flag for mary.


Apollo Creed X 13

Bicycles X 13

American Hammer X 13

Crabcakes (Xerox request) X 13

The pax were very upset there was no song time today!  Another fail on YHC’s part.  Will definitely make song time a priority for YHC’s next Q.

Great work by the pax today at the Sad Clown Killer.  YHC was reminded this Independence Day of the great country we live in and the many people who fought and died for our freedom.  Happy 240th birthday USA!

COT:  YHC took us out with prayer


  1. Great work by Xerox today at SCK!  Great to have you back!
  2. Please remember Papa Smurf from F3 ENC and T Square from F3 Gastonia in your prayers.  Papa Smurf was recently diagnosed with ALS and T Square lost his daughter last week in a car accident (21 years old).
  3. Praise Botox had a great mission trip with his family to Africa.  Thankful for prayers and no one was sick until they came back!
  4. Bodett not sure what you did at Sweat Angel today but this workout was a good one in my book!  Look forward to reading your backblast.

PAX: Udders

QIC: 07/07/16