After a brief mosey to pick up several stragglers, not mentioning any names (POLO &Heizenburg). The Pax of 30 headed for the grave yard for a brief but stimulating warmerrama which went something like this:

20 SSH, 20 Sun gods/Chinooks/Sun gods (crowd pleaser), 10 Merkins (nice and slow..form matters), finished off by 10 Rippers. The Pax appeared to be warm so we moved on to the thang!

The Thang:

It was back to basics for YHC and the Pax as we headed down to the ball field for an oldie but a goodie. The classic but never out of date, partner relay!

100 Squats/5 Burpees at the 50 yard cones

200 Merkins/5 Burpees at the 50 yard cones

300 LBC’s/5 Burpees at the 5 yard cones

YHC ensuring that the Pax received services for money paid, we moved over to the playground for more partner shared fun:

20 Dips/20 Body Rows

20 Irkins/10 Pull ups

20 Step ups/10 Prisoner Get ups

It was then Double Applesauce back to the flags for some well deserved Mary which was lead by a Pax favorite, our very own personal Marine fighting machine, Gunny!

2o Crabcakes because Gunny loves the name

20 Boxcutters because Gunny loves his Pax

20 American Hammers because Gunny loves America


Freedom to Lead at Harris Teeter, lead by 3 for 1 (way to step up)

Tomorrow at Jaycee Park’s middle lot at 5:30, join Longtime for a Suns out Guns out work out. Bring weights.

Snookie took us out with a prayer full of gratitude and blessings!

YHC is so extremely grateful for F3 Greensboro and all of you men who bring it to life every week! Thank you for allowing me the honor of leading you this morning! Aye!!


PAX: Snookie, Hazmat, Ozone, LongTime, (FNG-Wesley) Alieve, Botox, Heizenburg, Bourne, Nomad, Thermonator, SWacked, Scrappy, Sir Pur, (FNG-Brad) Mingle, Wojo, Spam, Squirrel, Hootie, Butt Fumble, Polo, Slumlord, Squid, Snowflake, Stagefrieght, Gunny, Brownnoser, Doublecheck, Cecil, ScoobyDoo,( Udders, StinkyCheese, Matlock: Splinter Group), YHC-Daphne

QIC: Daphne