28 Pax enjoyed the moist conditions in search of the Invisible Weinke! YHC thought it was up top , then down bottom, rinse and repeat…… Tclapps to Yeti for getting us warmed up and ready to go, to Wilson for bringing the only required equipment ( Shovel Flag) and to all those that pushed through the pain in the gloom! Big welcome to Beyoncé and credit to Mother Fracker , #giveitaway. With only 45 minutes to work with here is what we were able to cover:

Warmaramma: Yeti


IW X 25 IC

Hip Flexor extensions plus the added Split squat with air clap X 11 IC

Swimmers X 20 IC

Freddy Mercury X 20 IC

String Rippers  X 20 IC

Followed by the mosey to the ” Hill ” behind the church whilst doing High Knees Skips followed by Butt Kickers….


  1. Pax run to top of hill and then back down… R&R X3
  2. Crawl Bear / Bear Crawl / Run to top divided by cones, at top LSF X35 , brief planche and mosey to bottom. R&R X 2 with LBC’s and more planche.
  3. Curb Planche up downs at bottom followed by a run to the top , planche and Backwards run to bottom Rocky Style ( Happy 70th – Sylvester Stallone) R&R X2
  4. Plance Dips at bottom followed by a run to the top, 10 Merkins and mosey down. R&R X 2
  5. Mosey Back to Bball court for Mary….


  1. American Hammer X 30 IC
  2. Low Dolly X 10 IC
  3. 10 second 6inch hold


Awesome work today, appreciate the chance to workout with the SSS AO!

Aye – Wicked

Welcome again to Beyoncé!


PAX: Wilson, 3 for 1, JR, Buck, Prophet, Mother Fracker, FNG Wes Rhodes (Beyoncé), Amphibious, Refi, Hoser, Graffiti, Earhart, Yeti, Bambi, Wilma, Hackman, Kicker Avacado, .EDu, Fletch, Cornhole, War Eagle, Bull Dog, Ashley, Sully, Hud, Tweezers, Wicked.

QIC: Wicked / Yeti