18 PAX rolled out of the nice, warm #fartsack and into the humid, soupy #gloom to get better. After a pleasant chat and the opportunity to share our feelings, we moseyed to Center City Park for:


SSH x 25 IC

String Rippers x 20 IC

Moroccan Night Clubs x 15 IC

Chinooks x 15 IC

Steve Earls x 25 IC

Then, a quick mosey to the base of the Bellmeade Parking Deck Sprial for:

The Thang

Realizing that the elevator was broken (lie?), YHC opted for a partner carry up the spiral to the rooftop. #crowdpleaser

Witnessed incredible encouragement & determination between Boone’s Farm & Pamela. #tclaps

Once at the top, count off into teams of 4 for a little F3 Baseball:

1st Base:

120 Team Merkins

Bear Crawl to 2nd Base

2nd Base:

120 Team Squats

Jail Break to 3rd Base

3rd Base:

120 Team Crab Cakes

Bear Crawl to Home


120 Team Burpees

Jail Break to 1st Base

Rinse & Repeat. Points scored for each time a team made it around the horn. PS- points don’t matter. (PAX made it through 2 cycles)

Omaha called and then a mosey back to the shovel flag for:


Peter Parkers (1 minute)

Jackknife Sit-ups (1 minute)

Shoulder Taps into Toe Taps (1minute)

Windshield Wipers (1 minute) this may/may not have happened…

LBC into Low Dolly (1 minute)

American Hammer (1 minute)


“Burpee Ladder Challenge” – UPDATE: Burpees during the Thang, now count towards your daily numbers.

Nancy on the Q for 7/7 Starmount Stampede – runner’s & non-runners welcome

Everest on the Q for 7/13 Local Honey (support his 1-year F3 Anniversary!)

Gunny on the Q for 7/8 Uptown Funk @ Church St. Parking Deck/GSO Children’s Museum

Nomad on the Q for 7/8 Lunatic Fringe @ GSO Day School


YHC took the PAX out


Tclpas to Nancy for his commitment to running in to the AO #beastmode

Tclaps to Boone’s Farm; your speed work on the Jail Breaks did not go unnoticed

Tclaps to Pamela & LYnda for making the trek to Local Honey

Crab Legs’ Bear Crawl is faster than YHC’s Jail Break

Noticed the entire PAX setting the F3 example during the Team Exercises; way to support each other.

Thanks to Hermey for the EH to Q and to each of you for the opportunity to lead you today. I needed that more than this Back Blast can express.


PAX: Boone’s Farm, Boy Wonder, Pamela, Dr. Phil, Secretary, UGA, Drysdale, LYnda, Cheesy Poof, Strange Brew, Everest, Wide Left, Tebow, Nancy, Crab Legs, Hermey, Mayor, Tommy Boy

QIC: Tommy Boy