As the humidity was so thick this early morning, 12 Pax rebounded from July 4th celebrations to work off some hot dogs/hamburgers.

5:30 am time was called and 12 Pax started off in the plank position for 2 minutes.  Great way to stretch out.  Yeti showed off a new plank position dropping the shoulders and engaging the core.  This was tough and Sacked was impressed.

After plank, Q called for exercises from Pax and specifically Bodett.  Bodett punted and Q called for 20 merkins oyo.  Then followed by stretches and side straddle hops x 25 ic.  After 7 minutes of warm up, the Thang got started.

10 exercises with 1 minute AMRAP and 15 second second recovery.

Mountain Climber

Lunges with Weight


Overhead Press

Tricep Extension

Crunchy Frog

xxx – placeholder

Clean and Press

Squat Jumps


During break between 1 and 2 cycles – did heavy core work – Freddy Mercury x 25 IC, Dying cockroach x 20 IC, 6 inches with Yeti 30 count (close to 60 second, nice work), cindy crawfords x 10 IC each side,  20 situps oyo.

Crab Legs and Dr. Phil were hitting it up this morning!  Pamela and Boy Wonder were hitting the big weights.  Great job pushing it!

TPS was wearing the yoga shorts per advertised twitter feed!

After 2 cycles, time was called for 6 minutes of Mary – 20 sit ups oyo, American Hammer x 20 IC, and final 1 minute of Tbar Merkins.

COT – Pamela (Awesome work)


General discussion on Free to Lead tomorrow after workout at Panera on Lawndale at 6:30 am.  Pamela leading discussion.

2nd F at Caribou Coffee after workout.  Great seeing Big Mitt!

Site Q position available for Shakeweight!  If interested, please contact Wilson.  #giveitaway

PAX: 07/05/16

QIC: avatar_box