Natville had crap-ton of rain in two days, most of which fell between 5:30 and 6:20 am.  In fact, YHC could not see out of his windshield while driving to the AO and felt fortunate to arrive there at all.  YHC was convinced that it was going to be a wash out and 5 PAX would show up.  However, the BIG Q in the sky was looking down on us, the rain stopped at 6:25 am, and 24 PAX posted.  We pledged allegiance to the shovel flag, and then got on with it.


Double applesauce mozy .75 miles to the Price Library lot


Big Sun Gods 10 forward IC 10 backwards IC

Morracan night club 10 IC

String rippers 10 IC

Hammy Scoops 10 IC

Double applesauce mozy .75 miles to the lot behind the school.  Wait, what is that thing on the hill, I see? A bigasstire? How did that get there?


Circle up for:

  1. Super 21: Do 1 merkin followed by 1 situp; 2 merkins / 2 situps; 3 merkins / 3 situps, etc., etc. ……. up to 21 merkins/ 21 situps (total of 231 merkins and 231 situps). Insert other exercises in between to allow for “recovery”  The PAX took turns in calling the recovery exercises.

with a twist: PAX partnered up and groups took turns doing tire flips during the recovery exercises.

Sets 1 – 3, 3 sets copperhead squat x 21 IC

Sets 4-6, 3 sets plank jacks x 21 IC

Sets 7-9, 2 sets mountain climbers x 21 IC; 1 set crab reach

Sets 10-12, 3 sets seal jacks x 21 IC;

Sets 13-15, 3 sets crab cakes x 21 Single Count

Sets 16-18;  3 sets hillbillies x 21 IC

Sets 19-21, 3 sets  monkey humpers x 21 Single Count

Then we took a quick Aqua Break and mosey to the crater for Part Deaux of the Thang


This was a case of an exercise that looked entirely too good on paper.  After the Super 21s, this was a complete and utter grind.  Time was called at 8:40 just because it was so awful.

Partner 1: Run or reverse bear crawl down the crater, complete 3 burpees, run up the crater to flapjack with Partner 2.

Each team completes a total of the following:

50 Mountain Climber Merkins

100 Turkish Getups

150 Prisoner Getups

200 Wojo Squats

250 Air Claps

50 Body Builders

So we only did half the scheduled Dora. YHC will have to save this one for a later day.  So, we then mozyed back to the parking lot behind the school for Part Three of the Thang

3) 5 MINUTES of IMPERIAL WALKERS:  It rained on YHC’s phone during the super 21s and thus the Bluetooth failed to emit sound.  YHC had planned to have the PAX do this to Baba O’ Reilly by the Who (the perfect 5 minute song), but instead this was done to a bunch of mumblechatter.  YHC only counted about 5-6 PAX who completed the entire five minutes. LOTS of modifying going on… #hipburner

Mozy back to the shovel flag for Mary:

10 Superman sungods IC

10 High Dolly Wips IC

15 Box Cutters IC

15 Freddie Mercuries IC

10 Cumberland County Viaducts Each side IC

30 American Hammers IC

COT:  Nice job by Long Time.


We worked hard today.  YHC wants to call out all the PAX who were there:

1-SPAM:  Great stuff today.  YHC asked you to lead us in 21 seal jacks IC, and you gave us something else, something graceful and bouncy that can only be described as a “Spam Jack”.  Thanks for brining the water today as well.

2-SNOOKIE:  You are one of few that would run in a rainstorm to a 90 minute beatdown.  You are truly inspirational.

3-OZONE: The quiet assassin.  You killed those hills during the DORA.  Great work.

4-3 for 1:  YHC could not keep you off the tire.  Fantastic work.

5-CUMMINGS:  You killed the 5 minutes of Imperial Walkers. Great work out there.

6-NOMAD: Fantastic work out there. Always a solid steady work rate.  We are grateful to have you out there.

7-I-BEAM:  Glad you liked the Superman Sungods.  Great effort today.

8-STRETCH:  Awesome job out there.  You always bring your A game and your positivity is contagious.

9-HERMIE:  Great work. Those last few sets of sit-ups were brutal and you knocked them out.

10-POLO:  Came in hot at the beginning and that is always a tough way to start.  You did a great job out there and keep pushing it.

11-LYNDA:  A solid effort as usual. You are a machine with no quit!

12-TOMMY BOY:  When you sprinted up the hill on the Indian run, the draft could blow you over.  You have turned into a monster, dude!

13-DR. PHIL:  What a brutal way to come back from vacation!.  Great to see you out there again. Maybe you can EH Crab Legs a little stronger next time…

14-LONG TIME:  Great stuff, my friend.  Way to keep the mumble chatter going and solid job on the COT.

15-TPS:  You are amazing. Your comeback from the hip fracture is nothing short of remarkable and you invigorate the PAX with your enthusiasm.  And nice toga for the coffeeteria, too.

16-ON TIME:  Amazing job today.  You came back from cramping up on the warmarama to finishing strong.

17-BEAVER:  Double time Crab Reaches!?!  YHC had a great time partnering with you today and notice we did zero partner carries.

18-STUBING:  Way to knock out the super 21s.  You are a beast, my friend.

19-TWEEZERS:  YHC is amazed you did that beatdown in a sweatshirt.  YHC would have passed out from heat exhaustion. Great work.

20-STAGE FRIGHT:  Great leadership and commitment out there.  Hard to believe its been six months since your first post.

21-BED BUG: Awesome work. YHC does not know how you deal with Snookie in your face before you even get out of your car.  Your determination is to be commended!

22-HOULIHAN: Sure and steady, are you even trying out there?  Great effort!

23-FLETCH: King of the mumble chatter today.   You and 3 for 1 did A LOT of tire flips.  Great work!

It was truly an honor to lead these men on the 4th of July.  I cannot express enough gratitude for the support this group has given me.  You men have changed me and I thank you all.


Aye, Matlock







PAX: 07/04/16

QIC: Spam, Snookie, 3 for 1, Ozone, Stretch, LYnda, Stubing, Long Time, Nomad, TPS, I-Beam, Hermie, Polo, Bed Bug, Cummings, Tommy Boy, Beaver, Dr. Phil, Tweezers, Stage Fright, Houlihan, On Time, Fletch, Matlock (QIC)