The park staff preparing for a softball tournament were in shock and awe early Saturday morning as eight of Natville’s finest plus one visitor shredded through various exercises and sprinted through waves of humidity. Yes, Cougar Town had unleashed the big cats for a steady wave of cardio and upper body exercises. BTW, Cougar Town is a huge AO with a plethora of amenities. Go check it out!


  • SSH X 25 IC
  • Ranger Merkins X 10 IC

Mosey to the end zone of the football/soccer field

  • Imperial Walkers X 20 IC
  • Diamond Merkins X 10 IC
  • Copperhead Lunges X 10 IC each leg
  • Wide Arm Merkins X 10 IC

Mosey to the track, start off with a slow jog then transition into the following track exercises at different locations along the track as announced by the Q

  • Bear Crawl
  • Lunge Walk
  • Crab Walk forward
  • Crab Walk backward

Mosey up hill to Carolyn Allen Park shelters. Situated along a straight line behind the softball fields are four fabulous shelters, each shelter contains a list of 2-3 exercises. The Pax were divided up into three teams of three and directed to appropriate shelters. Mission was to complete the list of exercises at each shelter then run to the end of the parking lot and head back to the next shelter. Rinse and repeat until time is called. All teams made 1.5 rounds.

Shelter 1

  • Dips X 25
  • Derkins X 25
  • Calf Raises X 25

Shelter 2

  • Hand Release Merkins X 20
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps X 20

Shelter 3

  • Monkey Humpers X 20
  • Wojo Squats X 20

Shelter 4

  • Ski Abs X 25
  • Peter Parker/Parker Peter/Merkin X 15

Thang II

Mosey to the hill overlooking the football field (aka Dead Cat Hill) for a dose of Jack Webb’s/Turkish Getup’s ladder. The magic ladder number was 5 (Turkish Getups at top of hill and Jack Webb’s at the bottom).

Mosey back to shovel flag


  • Crunchy Frog X 20 IC
  • Over Unders X 15 IC
  • Crab Cakes X 20 IC
  • A to Z Core
  • American Hammer X 30 IC

COT– TPS took us out


  • Convergence Quaker Crater – Matlock at Q – 6:30 am – 90 minute workout
  • Soul Crusher Sunday mornings – Trail runs in the summer
  • Keep Stubbings 2.0 in your prayers for quick heal on a fractured elbow
  • Several PAX are on mission trips, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers


  • Stubing brought out his brother-in-law, who last posted two years ago in North Charlotte. It was great to see him come out of hibernation and crush the beatdown.
  • Brownnoser brought his buddy that visiting this weekend (Whirlybird) Andrew is a helicopter pilot for the Navy and had the weekend free to whirl over to Greensboro. It was a pleasure having you visit, thanks for your service to our country.
  • Mumble chatter was minimal at the AO but was prevalent at Coffeteria. As the Cornwallis Nightmare PAX rolled in, several of the men commented that we looked too dry and clean to have had a workout. Well, some of us just clean up real well and always look good.
  • Have a safe and happy Fourth of July and give thanks for Freedom and Independence

Always fun and rewarding,


PAX: 314

QIC: Tommy Boy, TPS, Stubbing, Brownnoser, FNG Whirlybird (Andrew Gainor), Therminator, Spaulding, Phoenix, LYNda (Q)