5 PAX including YHC and an FNG showed up pre-launch for Inside Voices with the proverbial around the horn of “are you Q’ing”, “who is Q’ing”..  Hmmm.  Then the 4 PAX have the Ah-ha moment as 3 for 1 comes in on two wheels in the green MSU Spartan machine at 0558 hours. Clearly he’s the Q.  Negative!!  And so it went…  After a quick disclaimer and a few principles of F3, YHC says let’s mozy.  And so it became what we all know as the hip-pocket Q.  Yes sirree; no print outs, no cones, no ropes, no bricks and no preparation (other than what the good Lord hath made and the city of Greensboro Parks & Rec supplied).  No props or frills – just an amalgam of 30050+ F3 workouts logged over the past 2+ years. Here’s what it was…

After 5 Burpees OYO we mozied to the Arboretum, gathering around the giant bell for Warm-O-Rama.

Sun Gods – 20x Forward / 20X Reverse

Squatted Chinook’s – 15x

SSH – 25x

Copperhead Squats – 20x

Double Wide Merkins – 15x

Windmills – 15x

As we begin mozying to the parking lot by baseball fields, FNG tells YHC he is asthmatic and does not have his inhaler.  Umm, that’s a red hot negative.  This is Defcon1.  We take detour so he can park it in the truck until time for 6MOM.  YHC catches up to other PAX at parking lot near baseball fields.  Call Omaha to PAX already getting some in parking lot.  Mozy to Lindley Elementary as we adventure into The Thang.

The Thang – Bristol 250 at Lindley Elementary

Concept here is simple with Partner 1 running around the short track (aka Bristol) in front of the school house while Partner 2 begins the exercise, switching off until all reps of each exercise are completed in order.  Exercises and reps listed below.

  • Pull-Ups x 50
  • Dips X 100
  • Merkins X 100

PAX managed to slog out this evolution 3x times for a total of 150 pull-ups, 300 Dips and 300 Merkins split between 2 partners.  We mozied back to virtual shovelflag when YHC realized we had a few minutes of time to “utilize” – We detoured into the head shed (restroom shelter) for set of Derkins, Dips and Carolina Dry Docks in cadence 20X each.

6MOM– FNG reconncted with us back on basketball hardball for 6MOM having rested up a bit from the asthma scare…

Cindy Crawford’s – 12X each side

Freddie Mercury’s – 20X

LSF’s – 20X

American Hammers -20X

Announcements – Congratulations to Cummings, his M, 2.0’s and the birth of their baby boy last week (and yes, he is still making it out to workouts)

All hands #Natville Site Q meeting coming soon.  If you’re a Site Q, please check Twitter and email as we will target dates to huddle up for an evening of exchanging ideas, checking the F3 GSO 1st F pulse, expansion, etc., etc.

Always a privilege to be in the company of Greensboro’s finest.  I love F3 and the men composed of it.   Welcome Iron Lung – It will get better and we are all committed to your success and well being. #plantgrowandserve




PAX: Gunny

QIC: 7/2/16