21 PAX came out despite an inaccurate weather forecast from Boones Farm, who had called for no rain.  Fortunately it didn’t rain during the workout (other than a slight drizzle at the end, which made the Q happy) but there was a deluge the night before which prevented the PAX from doing field exercises.

Not to worry, the PAX soldiered on with track work and weight/run work in the parking lot.  It went down a little like this:

Warm A Rama

SSH – x15 IC

Arm stretch across chest – x 12 IC

IW – x 20 IC

Tricep extension stretch – 30 sec each

String ripper – x15 IC

one lap around the track – 400m and then


The Thang

Count off in teams of threes.  Two exercise stations with a sprint distance in between – ~75 yards distance.  One team member goes to one station and does exercises while another team member are doing exercises at other station.   Third team member runs to relieve team member at the other station.  Sprint if possible between stations.

Station One:

Lawnmower rows

Shoulder presses


Tricep kick backs

Lunge with twist with weights


Station Two:

Burpees – x 10

SSH – x20

Merkins – x15

Squats – x30


Q called an Omaha after each team had completed 3-4 sets of above exercises.  We then did a Yeti Style workout in a circle:

Back rows – 25 single count

Curls – 15 each arm – single count

Tricep extension – 12 each arm – single count


We completed two rounds of this with increasing weight on the second round.

Second Omaha – One lap around the track and then back to the parking lot for Mary


LBC x 20 IC

Low slow flutter x 15 IC

Cindy Crawford x12 IC (each side)

Crunchy frogs x20 IC (thanks Bedbug for demonstrating to Bodett)

American Hammer – x25 IC


2nd F at Moe’s at lunch today

Coffeteria – Starbucks on Battleground near Earth Fare – will be coming back – no agenda

3rd F Panera lawndale- Fridays at 630

Cougar town – Saturday (the famous Lynda will be Q – even if he’s not really Wonder Woman!)


COT – YHC took us out

Great group today..It was alot of fun to be Q today.  Have a great 4th holiday and come out to the Convergence on Monday if you are in town.



PAX: Tommy Boy, Squirrel, Dueling Banjos, Stubing, Bourne, Bulldog, Long Time, Nomad, Apollo, Huffy, Bed Bug, Jitterbug, Pamela, Sweat Angel, Boones Farm , 3 for 1, TPS, Scooby Doo, Faceoff, Bodett, Drizzle

QIC: Drizzle