Inspired by a few lines by an old folk song writer the PAX set out to experience a taste of summer with the Ferris Wheel. Thanks Joni Mitchell for the lyrics stuck in my head… “Moons and Junes and ferris wheels, the dizzy dancing way that you feel” Both Sides Now

Here is how it went down, After 20 SSH to allow late arrivers to collect the PAX left on a short mosey up Starmount Drive to adjacent field. As the gloom began to rise the deer, raccoons, herrin and bats present during setup were other places as 28 PAX rolled onto the pitch.


  • Windmill IC 20
  • Peter Parker IC 20
  • Sun God IC 15
  • Hip Heist (IC 5 each side)

The Thang

The Ferris Wheel was set in a circle about 30 yds in diameter offering 15 stations for partner work.

PAX rotate clockwise upon completion of each station

  • 150 Cinderblock rows. Alternating work while partner reverse planks with brick on gut
  • 40 Jack Web with brick- each man
  • 20 Hip Heist. each man each side
  • 120 count Chillcut Plank
  • 120 Carolina Dry Dock. combined count
  • Dump Truck push to cone and back. Partner plank jacks; flap jack
  • 30 Cindy Crawfords each side each man
  • 150 Cinder Block or paver bicep curl. Combined count
  • Low Slow Flutter while partner Cusack Run with brick; flap jack
  • 80 Diamond Merkin- combined count
  • Combined effort team wheel barrow walk. stack 3 paver at location. carry paver in small of mans back wheelbarrow style. (#backbalance)
  • Ring Toss with 1/2 brick.
    • Near ring= 30 Burpee
    • Middle Ring= 20 Burpee
    • Far Ring =10 Burpee
    • Miss ring= 30 Burpee
  • 250 Combined count Flock of Seagulls (brick lateral raise)
  • here is the dizzy dancing part…. Head on baseball bat. 4 times around bat then run to far tree and return.
  • Partner Carry Around Ferris wheel; Flap Jack

Most teams finished 3/4 of a ride on the wheel. Good work PAX.

After collecting they toys the PAX mosey back to the shovel flag for Marry. Which consisted of

  • 25 LBC
  • An overly long session of X and O



Contact Defib ( if you are interested in Close Quarter Defense training. Topics include: Self Defense, Hostage Control, Armed and Unarmed training.

Check out Twitter for information on 4th July convergence information.

Elsa took us out in Ball of Man.

Thanks for playing along with the workout. An honor and joy.


PAX: Explosion

QIC: 6/2916