The F3 Pax included 14 ready to go for the run based work out. The work out was a 3.4 mile run with hill work on Homewood Ave. The Starmount Stampede was designed for both fast runners and slower runners, so no runner was left behind.



15 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Windmils IC


Left Lindley Park to run through the Starmount neighborhood with hill work on Homewood Ave.

Run to 1st Stop – Starmount Drive & Knollwood Drive.  Gather the six and on to the next stop.

Run to 2nd Stop – Madison Ave & East Avondale Drive.  Gather the six and on to the next stop.

Run to 3rd Stop – Edgewater Drive and Homewood Ave.  Gather the six and prepare for some hill work.

Base of Homewood Hill – The Pax took Homewood Hill x2.  80% effort up the hill and mosey back down.

Run Back to Lindley for Mary after the 3rd accent up Homewood Hill.  #Tclaps to Cheesy-poof for helping the Q get the PAX back to the shovel-flag and starting up Mary.


15 Freddy Mercury’s (Cheesy Poof)

15 Rosealetta (LYnda)

15 Plank Jacks (Phoenix)

20 American Hammers (Quicken)

Link to route:


Uga’s sister and Dad are on 500 mile high in Spain, thoughts and prayers please.

Mattlock has Q for Convergence at Quacker Crater on July 4th, 1.5 hours of pain.

Hushpuppy and his wife were very appreciative for 30 PAX showing up last night #JLoveMerkinDance

Blood Drive was a success #tclaps to Butt Fumble and team

T-Bow has Q for Sole Crusher, watch the Twitter for details

LYnda has the Q for Cougar Town with pre-fireworks special, 6:30am Sat at Kernodle Middle School


Cheesy Poof

Thats for allowing me to lead such a great group of runners! #SYITG