33 PAX posted on a electrifying morning at Jaycee Park for a moderate beatdown.


Side Straddle Hops X 25

Sun Gods X 20

Reverse Sun Gods X 20 (There was much mumble chatter at this point)

Burpees OYO X 10

Mosey down to about 200 meters from the fence

The Thang:

3 stations OYO

  • Station 1:

Copperhead Merkins X 15

Wojo Squats X 25

LBCs X 35

Run to next station (circa 200m)

  • Station 2 (Everyone’s Favorite!!!) There was significantly less mumble chatter at this point and some PAX expressing their displeasure with my Q by cold stares (mission accomplished!).

Burpee Knee-Tucks X 15

Copperhead Squats X 25

American Hammer X 35

Run to next station (circa 200m)

  • Station 3:

Plank Jack w/ Merkin X 15

Goal Blockers (shot out to Uptown Funk for this beauty) X25

Crunchy Frogs X 35

  • Rinse and repeat Stations 1,2,3,2,1

Slum Lord and J-Love were on fire for this one. Butt Fumble and some of the other PAX did some exercises in cadence for support. Good Job!


After running back to the flag the PAX did the following:

Low Flutters X 20

Tommy Boy lead the PAX in Freddie Mercury x 25

Snooki lead the PAX in Xs and Os X 25


  • 2ndF at Panera (Lawndale) Freed to Lead 6:30am
  • Blood Drive goal exceeded from last year


PAX: 325

QIC: 06/29/16