Four faithful PAX and one FNG gathered in the muggy but clear-skied gloom for a pounding inspired by a Dr Evil original.


Fast mosey around the football field to gather back at the shovel flag and begin the workout.


Exercises done in cadence unless OYO

SSH x30

DQ x15

Imperial Walker x15

Copperhead Squats x15

5 burpees OYO

Mosey around ball field and resume workout at the playground/picnic shelter

The Thang:

Repeat the following until time:

2 pullups

4 pistol squats

6 merkins

8 step ups

10 dips

Mosey around ball field and gather at shovel flag


all exercises in cadence

LBC x30

reverse LBC x15

rosalita x15

Freddie Mercury x15

dying cockroach x15

Cindy Crawford x15


American Hammer x25

Circle of Trust

Pray for Dr Evil and family

Welcome to Kevin Yost, FNG – nice first showing


PAX: Heisenberg, Steubing, Kevin Yost (FNG) – The Wolverine, Turnpike, The Real Toto (YHQ)

QIC: The Real Toto