Awesome work this morning after the storms passed.  Was raining on the way in and then raining sweat on the way out.  Awesome way to start off a Tuesday.  Thank you Sacked for setting up 2nd after the workout at Caribou Coffee.  Awesome seeing everyone!

31 Pax with (1) FNG – Collin Humphries – Twig – He played football for the Redwoods in CA.  Someone mentioned branch and then went to Twig.  Nothing to do with Twig & Berries.  Gunny was pushing Hans & Franz and huge following for Zoolander after modeling was mentioned.  Sacked reminded us that we already had a Zoolander.

Morning started off something like this:

Plank position at 5:28 for disclaimer and Wojo/Butt Fumble on run down of F3 – Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.  Butt Fumble did a great job on blood drive and the mission statement.  Nice work!

After 2-3 minutes of Plank, Q called for 20 merkins oyo, followed by plank for 1 minute then 6″ hold with Wicked’s count – think it went from 10 down and then back up – think there was a 30 count.  Recover.  Turn over on 6 for knees into chest stretch, followed by 6″ hold for 30 seconds, 20 sit ups oyo, knees into chest, then table with left leg up and then right leg up – 30 seconds each side; stand up with right leg over left leg and touch touches stretch for 30 seconds each side.  Final warm up with hugs (Wicked’s favorite).

3 man teams – one at either end doing block work and 3rd man running to relieve partner.  Awesome work!

Block exercises:


Station #1

  1. Upright Row
  2. Tricep Extension
  3. Curls
  4. Overhead Press
  5. Bent Row
  6. Jack Webb
  7. Straight Lifts
  8. Clean and Press
  9. Squat Jump w/b
  10. Burpees

Rinse and Repeat

Station #2

  1. Table with Block on top
  2. On arm curls
  3. Bench Press with Block
  4. Low Slow Flutter w/b
  5. Jack Webbs
  6. American Hammer w/b
  7. Pulse Tricep
  8. Pulse Curl
  9. American Hammer
  10. 8 part Body Builder

Most teams made it to #8 on the list before time was called.

Plank up and wait for the 6.  Wicked calls for 6″ hold for 2 minutes while Q gets phone.  Once Q gets back calls for final crunch exercises.  Request for Cindy Crawford’s.  Q got close and worked same muscle groups.  Yoga exercise where hold on leg up 6″ and other leg bend and toward chest (like freddy mercury) then perform a crunch.  Q called the up and we did 15.  Then switched legs.  The final exercise where both legs where out together held 6″ from ground and then the crunch up to get should blades off the ground – 15 single count (these were tough).

COT by Wojo

  • Top secret in invisible ink – Boone’s Farm mentioned a future event that is scheduled to take place soon.  Please touch base with Jlove or Boone’s Farm for more information.
  • Awesome work to Butt Fumble for the blood drive.  37 pints of blood (2 more than last year).  Awesome work.  He is in the process of screening candidates to take over the outreach programs.  Please see Butt Fumble for more information.  Awesome job!
  • Shake Weight is looking for a new site Q to take it to a new level.
  • Long Time has Thursday morning workout at Jaycee Park – #norunning

PAX: Wilson

QIC: 6/28/16