A Pax of 17 met in the Dairy Queen parking lot not for 3 scoops, but to stare down that civil engineering feat known as “The highrise bridge.”  After a quick disclaimer we mosey’d across Interstate Arendell St and headed to the other famous grassy knoll for:


SSH IC x 25

Low Squats thingys IC x 15

Good Mornings IC x 15 as a nod to our friends that live off Wade or Glenwood Ave

Cotton Pickers IC x 15

Imperial Walkers IC x 15


The Thang:

RUN over the bridge to the Channel Marker for:

Spider Merkins OYO x 10

Low Squat Hold 10 count

10 sec plank with your partner on your back ( hole to hole)

Mountain Climbers IC x 10

Merkins SC x 10

10sec Balls to the Wall holding your partners legs straight up

Lt Dans SC x 10

Partner Walls sit using each others body weight 10 Count

WWIs IC x 10

Russian Hammer IC x 10

RUN back to grassy knoll

Time began to slip away so we immediately turned back around and RAN to the top of the bridge only and did a low squat hold to wait for the 6, then headed back to Morehead to the grassy knoll and repeated the same workout that was performed at Channel Marker.



Clamdigger’s last week as a Monday workout was today and will move to Tuesday and Thursday.  Tomorrow is QAR at Rotary, and The Ranger at West.  It was a wonderful way to start our weeks off.  YHC took us out in BOM. It was my honor to lead today and watch Deebo smoke the run and Dipstick sweat out some Mount Gay and repeat, “Good Morning” like a parrot.  I hope everyone has a great week and can’t wait to see you fellas each morning!



PAX: 262

QIC: Gertrude, Second Mile, Mayday, Pocahontas, Gilligan, Doogie, Elmer Fudd, Malibu, Jack Rabbit, Dipstick, Jang, Bayliner, Blue Cross, Mimi, Deebo, Shaft, Steamer