11 PAX posted on a great morning at jesse Wharton for a little multi disciplinary exercise/sports session.
Warm a Rama –
Imperial walker X 12 IC
Windmill x15 IC
Sun gods x 15 each way IC

Chinooks x 10 IC

Bear crawl around circle
This is when the mumble chatter ended!
Mosey to Fitness Center 1!

The Thang : Multi disciplinary Murph/Sports Training

Station 1: Fitness Center 1

Murph – 10 Pull ups/20 Merkins/30 squats/40 LBCs  – TWO  SETS

Station 2: field exercises (lacrosse and soccer)

Split into two groups of five each with Q as the “wild card” rotating between both groups.  One group gathered at one end of the lacrosse field facing the goal and the other group gathered at teh other end of the field and faced the goal.

three cones placed~10/15/20 yards from lax goals

Group 1 objective:  kick the ball in the goal (field 1)

Group 2 objective:  pick up men’s lax stick and throw ball in net (field 2)

– SWITCH from lax to soccer and vice versa after three turns per person

incentive to make a goal is to not have to chase the ball – sprint to chase it if you miss –

Conduct core /squat while team member is trying to make a shot at either end

if goals are made (easier exercises – in the grand scheme of things – :))


-Alternating shoulder taps

– Mountain climbers

-Core exercise of your choice

Penalty for missed shot:  Team burpees if missed goal until next person makes it

It looked like group 2 did a lot more burpees than group 1!

Mosey around the school to the other fitness center.

Station 3: Fitness center 2

Murph – 10 Pull ups/20Merkins/30squats/40 LBCs  – TWO  SETS

Q called an Omaha to run sprints at this point…sorry about the fake shot that we were moving into Mary at that point…

Station 3: Parking lot for sprints

Sprints -50%,75%,100%

Low slow flutter x20
Cindy Crawford x 10 each
American hammers X 25
-Long Time announce new AO at country park on thursdays
Long time lead us out with an awesome prayer that reminded us to take on leadership in all areas of our lives!
Hope everyone had fun with the multi disciplinary workout today.
Always an honor and a pleasure,

PAX: Bodett, Cecil, Compound, Everest, Jitterbug, Tea Party, Stage Fright, long Time, TPS, Huffy, Drizzle

QIC: Drizzle