A PAX of 5 and YHC put in some work this morning.  It went something like this:

We all met at the shovel flag in the lower parking area for some warm a rama:


20 IC x SSH

20 IC x Windmills

20 IC x Imperial Walkers

20 IC x Hillbillies

We ran up the hill to the upper parking area just past the gate entrance to the back of the school where we found a grassy patch, stopped and did another stretching exercise.  This time we went down on both knees, put our right leg behind our left and went down on our elbows to stretch our hip flexors and then vice versa with the other leg.

From here, we ran up to the first track area on top of the hill for the THANG:


We split up into to teams of 3.

Team member one: stayed in the home end zone and completed the prescribed excercises

Team member two: went down to the away end zone and completed the prescribed exercises

Team member three: ran to the 50 yard line and A skipped the rest of the way to the end zone to relieve one team member and then that team member ran to the 50, A skipped to the other end zone to reliever other team member. Rinses and Repeat

Home End Zone Exercises:



Imperial Walkers



AWAY End Zone Exercises:


Crunchy Frogs


Flutter Kicks

Carolina Dry Docks

After 1 1/2 cycle through the sets of exercises, we called a temporary OMAHA for some sprint sets on the track.  We then resumed the exercises by picking up where we left off to complete a full two sets of the exercises

Omaha was called and we moseyed down to a nice flat shady spot on the concrete for MARY:


Back stretch hold (cross right elbow over left knee, clasp hands and point left elbow to the sky and vice versa with the other side)

20 IC x FLutter Kicks with 2 Dolly’s at number 10 and 18

5 x Plank extensions with 10 counts

20 IC x American Hammers


Blood Drive today (Sunday 26th) at Cycles De Oro from 12 to 5

Encourage more folks to come out to F3 and the new AO’s.  Numbers are dwindling


YHC took us out


Thank you for allowing me to lead this morning.



PAX: Quicken, Viagra, Chips, Buttfumble, Woody, HP

QIC: HushPuppy