Our Site Q, Sacked left us to our own devices so Sendek & YHC decided to throw a Keg Party! 23 PAX escaped the #fartsack and saddled up to the bar @ Cornwallis’s Nightmare. After welcoming 4 FNGs, a disclaimer and a questionable introduction of Sendek, we moseyed midway down the parking lot for:

Warm-A-Rama (+ burpee ladder challenge):

SSH x 25

5 Burpees OYO

String Rippers x 10

5 Burpees OYO

Imperial Walkers x 18

5 Burpees OYO

Sun Gods (wind/unwind) x 15ea.

5 Burpees OYO

Copperhead Squats x 18

5 Burpees OYO

Count off in groups of 3 (remember your #), Indian Run to the Baseball Field. Suddenly, YHC realized we couldn’t host a kegler without priming the pump and practicing our Keg Stands. Omaha to Lewis Rec Center for:

The Thang, Part I:

Partner up (size does NOT matter)

Partner A: Balls to the Wall

Partner B: Step Ups x 10 ea. leg


Rinse & Repeat x 3

Fully practiced (and a little dizzy), we moseyed to the Ball Field to be greeted by:

-Three 18-gallon keg barrels, full of water

-Six 1-gallon jugs of water

No Keg Party is complete without a lame attempt to get to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and home base with a boozy co-ed. #WalkOfShame.

So, the PAX evenly dispersed the gear to each base (1 barrel, 2 jugs). An empty Keg Barrel sat at home plate.

After pressing “play” on the most frat-friendly, bro-tastic playlist YHC could come up with, we launched into:

The Thang, Part II:

Complete the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) at each base.

Plank while one team member runs two gallons of water to home plate and empties them into the barrel.

Starting at 30 reps, Rinse & Repeat to 20 reps then 10 until Omaha called.

1st Base w/ landscape blocks (Arms):

Dips (on block) x 30

Merkins x 30

Side Tri-Rise x 15 each side

Shoulder Taps x 15 each side

Tricep Extensions (w/ block)

Plank while jugs are run to home and emptied

*Bear Crawl to:

2nd Base (Core):

Boxcutters x 30 IC

LBCs x 30 IC

American Hammers x 30 IC

WWI Sit-ups x 30

Toe Taps x 30 IC

Plank while jugs are run to home and emptied

*Bear Crawl to:

3rd Base (Legs):


    Lt. Dans x 15 each leg

Wojo Squats x 30

Monkey Humpers x 30

Calf Raises x 30 IC

Al Gore x 30 seconds

Plank while jugs are run to home and emptied

*Run out/around Warning Track back to 1st Base

Omaha called once home plate Barrel was filled. PAX called in for their #RedSoloCup and the option to drink from the questionable bucket. Quick clean up, then an Indian Run back to the Shovel Flags for:


2 Minute Plank

30 seconds Plank

30 seconds Southern Gentleman

30 seconds Northern Aggressor

30 seconds Elbow Plank

Impossible Sit-ups x 20 (w/ feet tucked in & FLAT on the ground, arms behind your head, you shouldn’t be able to sit all the way up) #beastmode

Freddie Mercury x 20

American Hammers x 30

Beat Down ended, so YHC called for 1 last Burpee (w/ 5 Merkins) to complete Day #26 of the Burpee Ladder Challenge.


T-claps to all of today’s FNGs. Spotlight on $5 Foot Long (FNG- Lee Schloss) for driving 40 minutes to post today. Not to mention that he has lost 165 in under 18 months and is in training for his first marathon. #HIM #inspired

Stage Fright took us out


F3 Blood Drive: Walk-ins welcome or skip the line and go to redcross.org, type “F3 Greensboro” in the sponsor code section. Easy. Lives saved.

Thanks, men. I hope you had fun getting better. It was an honor.

PAX: Sendek & Tommy Boy

QIC: 06/25/16