8 PAX and a bunch of Big Jugs (of water) made it to Cougar Town this morning.  The morning couldn’t have started of better when Udders showed up straight representing YHC’s Alma Mater in his Mississippi State Bulldog Baseball shirt.  Not sure if he was trying to soften up the Q or if that was his standard issue Cougar Town “I don’t care what happens to this busted up shirt.” Regardless, Q liked it and was ready to roll!


We took about 5 minutes to stretch, nothing technical, just prepping for whats to come…

We picked up the tempo with the following:

(25) SSH IC

(20) Sun gods IC – 10 forward then unwind.

(10) Windmills IC, slow, as always.

Thang #1

Each PAX was issued (2) one gallon jugs of water.  Mosey approximately 1/4 mile to the hill to start the first evolution.  Jugs were dropped, and we started a set of elevens – burpees on the bottom, lunges on top, and the hill, of course we bear crawled up the hill.

Thang #2

Recover, grab jugs and mosey approximately another 1/4 mile to the track.  Jugs were temporarily dropped on the deck while we continued to the park benches for additional work, and of course, bear crawled up another hill on the way.

(40) Step up on the park bench (20 each leg) with HIGH knees.

(20) Derkins

(20) Dips

Thang #3

Mosey back to the track/football field where the jugs were anxiously awaiting our return.  PAX circled up in the middle of the field and stared multiple circuits of Merkins, Squats & LBC’c.  The kicker was that one of the PAX was moving ALL of the the water jugs (16 jugs x 8.34lbs ea = 133.44 total lbs.) from one side of the sideline to the other.  Since TPS was site Q, he drew the short straw and was “nominated” to be the first runner while everyone else banged out the repetitions.  It was quickly determined that we needed two runners if we wanted to finish by 7:30. Everyone pushed through and had a rotation before we set off to head back to the parking lot.

Thang #4

Mosey back to parking lot but on the way, we had a special request for some BTTW.  YHC was happy to oblige with a 30 second inverted “rest period.”  Recover and finish the short trip to the parking lot where we circled up for some jug exercises.  The best I can recall, it went something like this:

(35) Bent rows

(15) front (shoulder) raises, each arm.

(10) lateral raises

(20) bicep curls


We finished strong with a Captain Thor circuit where everyone called their count.  We then ended with some Plank, CCDD’s, and a 30 count plank/merkin ring of fire.


In case you haven’t heard, there’s a blood drive tomorrow.  Tclaps to Butt Fumble for EH’ing the PAX into submission,  Show up to donate and/or show support.

Praise to God to for watching over Matlock’s daughter during her recent procedure.  We know that there are many out there that are sick and hurting and ask God for His comfort to ALL of those in need.

Udders in on Q and has something special planned for the Crater on Monday.  He’s promised an 11th degree beat-down.

There is a convergence on July 4th at the Crater.

Finally, YHC thought he brought the Beat Down this morning, until he saw Snookie get on his bike (the kind with pedals, not his motorcycle) and ride away – that dude is a beast, MUCH RESPECT!!!

COT – YHC took us out.

I had an absolute BLAST being with you guys this morning, the effort and sweat was impressive!

Aye, JR

PAX: 06/25/16