After a stormy night in Natville, YHC’s hopes of using the field were dashed. One step on the field resulted in sinking into a puddle that engulfed my entire shoe and sock. Not the way you want to lead a workout if you are taking notes. However, taking words of wisdom from the 3rd F discussion on Wednesday, there was a back up plan in place. If guys are going to get out of the #fartsack at 4:45AM, then a Q needs to have a plan in place and make it worth while for those that post. We had no FNGs, so the disclaimer was short. Before we got to business Q wanted to move the Pax from there comfort zone of circling by the midfield gate.


Carry weights to lower parking area. SSH waiting on those that refused to Mosey.

Mosey to track stopping after the straight away for:

SSH x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

String Rippers x 10 IC

Abe Vigoda x 5 IC

Mosey a bit faster to mid-way of backstretch of track.

Sun gods x 10 IC F/R

Chinooks x 10 IC F/R

Merkins x 15 IC

CDD x 10 IC

Run, faster pace to gate. When you get there line up in outside lane in order of finish. Counted off in 3 teams.


We lined up for team sprint relays. 10 Sprints were completed, distances (out)(in yards) of each were: 15, 15,  30, 30, 45, 45, 45, 30 15, 15.  The members of each team waiting to run completed the called exercise. Follow up exercises were then given to each team based on their finish prior to the next sprint.

Sprint #1: Upright Row (1st=10 burpees, 2nd=10 diamond merkins, 3rd=10 lunges)

Sprint #2: Goblet Squat (1st=8 burpees, 2nd=8 merkins, 3rd=10 squats)

Sprint #3: Curls (1st=10 alternating shoulder taps, 2nd=10 American hammers, 3rd=5 merkins)

Sprint #4: Overhead shoulder press (1st=bear crawl to first cone & back, 2nd=10 burpees, 3rd=5 burpees)

Sprint #5: K-bell swing (1st=5 burpees, 2nd=10 lunges each leg, 3rd=15 imperial walker)

Sprint #6: Tricep Extension: (1st=5 body builders, 2nd=10 jump squats, 3rd=10 CDD)

Sprint #7: Good Mornings (1st=10 crab cakes, 2nd=10 crucible merkins, 3rd=10 crunchy frogs)

Sprint #8: Lateral side raises (1st=20 dollys, 2nd=10 don Quixotes, 3rd=5 double merkin burpees)

Sprint #9: Lunge w/twist: (1st=20 flutterkicks, 2nd=20 feddy mercury, 3rd=10 gorilla humpers)

Sprint #10: Lawnmower rows (1st=15 Chuck Norris Merkins, 2nd=15 jack webbs, 3rd=15 imperial walker)


LBC x 20 IC

LSF x 15 IC

Cindy Crawford X 10 each side IC

Bed Bug called for Crunchy Frogs as Q found an actual crunched frog on the pavement of the parking lot. I think we did 20 IC, but was too tired to keep track at this point.

American Hammer x 20 IC


  • Remember the blood drive on Sunday, contact Butt Fumble with questions
  • Matlock thoughtful for prayers for his daughter who is now home recovering
  • Continue to EH and step up to LEAD by being a Q!

Always an honor to lead. I thank the men that came out today and helped me be better. # ISI


PAX: Tommy Boy, Squirrel, Scooby Doo, Scrapy, Wojo, Drizzle, Bed Bug, TPS, Snooki, Strange Brew, Double Check, Nomad, Bodett, Matlock

QIC: Bodett