8 PAX started the Murph today.  It was announced that Wicked wasn’t able to be there due to shoulder pain.  Pax immediately asked if this happened to Wicked while stretching! We then proceeded to do the warm a rama.

Warm a rama

15 Imperial Walkers

Sun gods x 15 ((front and back)

 20 Hammy scoops

We then ran 3/4 mile around the parking lot.  Thanks Wilson for using your watch to pace us!


Emphasis on chest work with some core work sprinkled in. Partners of two when needed.


Station 1:  Bench area next to school

10 Booyah Merkins with a partner (there wasn’t a lot of booyahs but we did push it!)


LBCs IC x 20

Derkins x 20

Squats x30

Abyss Merkins x 20

Station 2: Fitness Center

Regular merkins x 20

LBCs IC x 20

Wide merkins x 20

Cindy crawfords x 20

Bropees x 10

Flutter kicks IC x 20

Copperhead merkins

Station 3: back to the wall by the school

Squats x 30

Ascending testicles (this was interesting!)

core work – I can’t remember which one!

Descending testicles

Sprints – 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

Then Wilson omahed a “200%” sprint, which proved the true mettle of this group of Pax..strong work guys!


Planks with around the circle merkins (good call TPS!)

LBC IC x 25

American Hammer x 25



American Heart Association Blood Drive on the 26th at Cycles De Oro

Prayer for Slum lord’s presentation to city manager and others today.

COT – YHC took us out

I know I wasn’t as enthusiastic as Wicked usually is but hopefully it was a good workout and prepared us for the Murph a litte bit.  Always a pleasure!


PAX: 06/23/16

QIC: Drizzle