Two days ago I read section in “Free to Lead” on Dredd’s first time leading PT. I definitely can relate to the problems, miscommunications, miscalculations. And at the same time I am gaining a greater appreciation for F3, for the men who are tirelessly leading these workouts. And the PAX were all very encouraging, which made me feel relaxed, or as much as I can.

I introduced myself as VQ, encouraged PAX to connect their faiths with their workout. I challenged them that when we are struggling with our reps, they should pray for their children, to get them through those last reps. Seems to be well-received.


sun god, in squat position, IC 25x and then reverse

chinook, in squat position, IC 20x and then reverse

superman red sun (and yellow sun), IC 15x

By this time PAX are already getting sore in their legs.

THE THANG 1, continuous leg exercise

Bobby Hurley IC 25x

Bropee OYO 15x

Calf raise IC 25x

Monkey humpers IC 20x

Modified monkey humpers, 1-legged, IC 20x each leg

Gorilla humpers IC 20x

By this time VQ’s legs are on fire.

THE THANG 2, Al Gore Ring of Fire, everyone goes around and make a quick prayer for their children (biological, adopted, future, etc.). Perhaps 5s per PAX, so 1.5 minutes of squat holding pain.

THE THANG 3, Merkin Ladder, starting with 20 reps and run 50 yards. This is where the workout fell apart. Everyone (especially VQ) was exhausted, poor form on the merkins. Amphibious pointed out to VQ this was too much. VQ called Omaha, plank for the 6. VQ had struggled down to 13 merkins. But we ended it much earlier than I had planned for, with nearly 10 minutes of spare time. So VQ led PAX to basketball court for 2x burpees, then then ran to the hills

THE THANG 4, modified Jacob’s Ladder. Partner does LBC while the other crap walks down the hill, 2x burpees, then bear crawl back up the hill. This was done two times.


Low Dolly 20x

Dolly 20x

LBC 20x

Low slow flutter 20x

American hammer 20x


Snookie: Great camping trip up grandfather mountain, 4 PAX did 16 miles, (wicked, 3 for 1)

Explosion: 3rd F, Wednesday at Harris Teeter, 6:30-7, unpacking book “Freed to Lead”, pick up book from Explosion

COT, Snookie, a man of great encouragement, led us out with prayer

I would like to thank F3 for the opportunity to lead a workout, I am sore everywhere but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The PAX, well, a couple complained about being sore. So I feel good that I got them smoked as much as I got myself.

PAX: Bulldog

QIC: 6/20/16