A PAX of 26 gathered on the beaches of Carterico to do one thing, get better.  It was something of a melting pot with men travelling as far as the inner beltline, G’vegas, and ILM to hang with the cool kids from Carterico.  After a disclaimer and quick mosey around the parking lot we followed the flag to its second installation on the Dunes Club lawn for….

Warm A Rama:

Misty had that look in his eyes and didn’t fail a soul this morning.

SSH ICx 25

Sun Gods ICx 15 x 2

Windmills IC x 15

Cotton Pickers IC x 15

There was more but 48 hours later I am struggling to remember what it was…

We counted off in 2s which only confused a few people who really wanted to be 3s and 4s.  1s went with YHC and 2s with Misty.  The flag was lifted and replanted near the surf. 1s took it to the east, 2s to the west for 4 mins out and back with a 30sec Chilcutt every minute.  It was a humid morning and YHC had trouble seeing the time on the fitbit through fogged up Costas, so I figured I would just count it in my head.  Epic failure!  We almost ran to Portsmouth Village and Misty and the gang had to come look for us.  More is better right?  Once the Lost Colony was found we met at the flag in our two teams and noticed the PAX grew like the Grinch’s heart at Christmas!  The Hero Patriot crowd, eager to set records and show their stuff, were posting twice in the morning!  After we got reconfigured we were on to:

The Thang:

Partner up A, B

5 mins of each circuit of four exercises: A performs the circuit while B runs 100 yards to the pier for a 20 second Balls to the Wall on the pier pilings now affectionately called Pole to Pole, run back, flapjack, rinse and repeat.

Exercises: 20 reps each for 5 mins, then progress as a team.

1: Merkins, LBC, Squats, Plank Jacks

2: Doublewides, LSF, Lunges, Peter Parkers

3: Diamond Merkins, Russian Hammer, 20 sec low squat hold, Chiljacks

4: Spider Merkins, Box Cutters, 20 sec low squat hold, Alternating shoulder Taps


Round 2:

2 Beach Buckets approximately 40-50 yards apart.  The buckets had 4 exercises to be done in four rounds 20 reps a piece. Bucket 1 had the following: 20 Double wides, bear crawl to the second bucket, do 20 WOJO squats, then sprint to the ocean, wade out to waist deep, then over to the location of the first bucket, then wade out and sprint back to the first cone. Round 2-4 were 20 merkins, mountain climbers, and plank jacks respectively. Getting from 1 to 2 for rounds 2-4 consisted of: wheel barrel, opposite partner wheel barrel, and partner carry.  Bucket 2 exercises were 20 reps of: WW1s,20 leg lift push downs, 20 sec squat and a 20 leg lift. The PAX continued the ocean run as a way to get back to bucket 1.  Mumble chatter was on the DL and time was leaving us as it was time for:


LBC ICx 20

LSF ICx 15


Chilcutts facing breakers

Thrusters IC x 20

Monkey Humpers IC x 15

Box Cutters ICx 15.



It was a beautiful morning on the beach and a glorious time to be in Carterico.  We had 1 FNG, YHC’s brother in law Joey Mossor.  He “briefly” described himself for half the morning and being the PAX slammed full of lawyers he was appropriately named Filibuster by his colleagues.  Ramses took us out in BOM.  Prayers remain for Tiny Dancer and his family, Gilligan and his family, and for the victims of Orlando.  It is always a blessing to lead such a strong group of men that are leaders in their families, careers, communities, and in life!


Steamer out

PAX: Duck Butter (Double post), Sheetz, Quagmire (Raleigh), Pastor Clevor, Okinawa (Double post), Dipper (Double post), Big Mick (Double post), Pocohantas, Shaft (Double post), Nemo (Raleigh), Pasquale (Double post), Ramseaz (Double post), Misty, Gilligan, (Double post), Filibuster (FNG), Bellyflop, Stitches (Greenville), Crazy Eyes (Wilmington), Second Mile (Double Post), Mimi, Man Crush (Raleigh), Plunger, Lassie, My T Sharp ( Double post), Blue Cross (Double post), Steamer

QIC: Steamer coQ Misty