12 PAX started the day off rip, roarin and ready to go.  We started with a little warm a rama at the Circle.

Warm a rama

20 Imperial Walkers

20 Hillbillies

20 Windmills

After we got stretched out a little bit, we ran over to the cones in the main drive way area of the school.  The PAX lined up at the first cone and sprinted to the last cone.  We did this 3X.


Partners of two.

Partner 1 ran from the top of the parking lot near the circle to the workout area at the far left hand side of the school.  This partner did 10 pull ups and ran back to the starting area to relieve partner 2.

Partner 2 stayed at the top of the parking lot do exercises of:


Flutter Kicks

Peter Parkers


Rinse and Repeat

The partners tagged out on each round

At 6:03, YHC called OMAHA and we all lined back up at the cones in the parking lot.  We did 3 more sprints and then ran back to the Circle for a little Mary


Flutter Kicks IC x 25

Plank Extension x 10 (10 counts per)

LBC IC x 25

American Hammer x 25


Stage Freight did a great job of lifting those up in the wake of the events in Orlando


Golf every tuesday at Bryan Park at 5:30.  Westover Church helps to organize

American Heart Association Blood Drive on the 26th at Cycles De Oro


The pleasure was all mine fellas.  Thank you!


PAX: Hushpuppy

QIC: 6/13/2016