On a surprisingly cool morning for late June, YHC had to come up with a workout with short notice. Beaver was scheduled but his M had an injury and his services were better utilized at home helping the M and managing the 2.0s. I was happy to step in, but did not have my usual #wenkie with all planned out. The pre-blast tweet only mentioned the workout, but not the Q or a preview. It appears that the regulars of Natville don’t appreciate that.  Or maybe Sacked’s camping trip and hike was too much for the men to post on Monday. Either way, Circle Time will continue. Today’s version went a bit like this:


Mosey around school clockwise, stopping short of the fields for a COP.

SSH x 21 IC

String Ripper x 21 IC

Imperial Walker x 20 IC

Sun gods x 15 forward/15 reverse IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Mt. Climber x 20 IC

20 dips/20 derkins/20 step ups (each leg)  OYO


Mosey to lax field and partner up (size does not matter). With a small group it was easy to partner up with a pair and a trio.

Groups then completed a modified Dora consisting of:

50 Burpees

100 hand release merkins

150 Wojo squats

One partner exercised while the other ran the width of the field.

Once both groups completed that task the clockwise mosey continued one of the playgrounds. Here the pax did a Chinese March (peoples chair while completing marching motion with legs) while one member of the pax ran to the playground and completed 5 knee raises to chin. 2 rounds of this were completed and followed by a bear crawl to the playground, then a mosey back to the shovel flag.


LBC x 20 IC

LSF x 20 IC

Cindy Crawford x 15 right/15 left IC

Freddy Mercury x 20 IC

American Hammer x 20 IC

Announcements and Moleskin:

  • Continue to sign up for and recruit the blood drive this coming Sunday
  • smaller pax resulted in a bit less #mumblechatter, or maybe TPS just needs some poison Ivy to help get him going. I’ll keep that in mind for next Q.
  • continue to EH and give that FNG the welcoming experience you had when starting F3
  • Circle Time needs Qs, contact Bodett to get on the schedule. If you need help with design, posting backblast, or want a co-Q I can help with that also.
  • Huffy took us out in COT
  • Pamela gave max effort. Well done! kept me going watching his effort.
  • Much easier to write a backblast when you don’t need the recording to remember all the names. The intimacy of a #small workout group really does help promote the #2ndF.

Thank you gentlemen for allowing me to lead.


PAX: Huffy (war daddy), TPS, Bodett, Pamela (war baby), Stage Fright

QIC: Bodett