Great Day for a workout with 18 PAX  eager to get it going at Lunatic Fringe.  It went something like this;

Warm a rama

Mosey to track for 2 laps Indian Run style then converge on 50 yard line for the following

20  SSH IC,  20 Swimmer then 10 diver flutters, 20 Merkins IC, recover to standing position… spread legs as far as possible slow IC stretch to the ground and back up.  followed by 20 Imperial Walkers and wrap up the warmarama with 10 prisoner  get ups.

The Thang

Round 1

Back rows  30 reps- lighter weight more reps

Bicep Curls 30 reps

Tricep kick backs 30 reps

400 meter run follow by planks for the six

Round 2

Back 20 reps – increase weight reduce reps

Bicep curls 20 reps

Tricep kick backs 20 reps

jump fence 200 meter run – jumping fence may not have been the best idea?

Plank with IT band stretch thrown in wait for six

Round 3 – Q encouraged PAX to go heavy on weight (Q noticed 3 for 1 went with the 40lb weight Nice!)

Back 10 reps – increase weight reduce reps

Bicep curls 10 reps

Tricep kick backs 10 reps

400 meter run –

Plank with 6 inches wait for six

Round 4 – this was the burnout round but running out of time Q called audible and had everyone do tricep dips on the curb.  Congrats to Tommy Boy who maxed us out at about 75 reps.

Mary was cut short – 25 American Hammers IC  and while Q scrambled to get iPhone – Nomad wrapped it up with some low slow flutters.  Thanks Nomad!



Bodette has the Q next Friday at Lunatic Fringe..

2cnd F today in Oak Ridge…. off 68  see Twitter for details.

Grand Father Mtn Trip leaves today some are leaving tomorrow.  Feel free to come up for the day on Saturday and enjoy the hike.  Call me yeti if you need directions or information 336-312-4442.

Cornwalis Nightmare tomorrow if you are not camping – Boones Farm and Brown Noser are co Q’s

Prayer Request for Tesla and his family.  Flapjack will be sending out info about collecting items and supplies.

Keep Matlock in your prayers…. Daughter had appendix taken out this week!


Thanks guys for letting me Q…. Little rusty and no Music!  But you guys are always encouraging and I appreciate it!




PAX: Yeti

QIC: 06/17/2016