10 pax and YHC gathered at the shovel flag (thankfully Bird’s Nest remembered it and took valiant care of it during the hiatus). With 0 FNGs present, we gathered in a ball-of-man for a moment of silence for Orlando but mostly for our brother Gilligan who lost a close member of his family.

Breaking the ball we moseyed up to Cornwallis to start things off


  • Mosey to Asphalt Map and circle up
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Windmills x 15 IC
  • Plank – 30 seconds
    • Peter Parker x 15 IC
    • walk up
    • String Ripper x 15 IC
    • walk out to plank x 30 seconds
    • Parker Peter x 15 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 15 IC
  • Hillbilly x 15 IC
  • A-skips – down and back x 2
  • Carioca –  down and back x 2
  • High knees – back pedal
  • Butt Kicks – back pedal

The Thang

Pax were given a blue friend, 1 per man. To the tune of Club IP we classically rocked out for 20 seconds per exercise, and typically did 3-4 exercises before sprinting to an outfield position for another exercise and sprinting back.

  • Bicep Curl, Front Shoulder Raise, Lateral Shoulder Raise
    • Sprint to Right Field (Irving Park Sniper strikes again)
    • Plank 20 seconds into Carolina Dry Docks x 10 IC
  • Bicep Curl, Front Shoulder Raise, Lateral Shoulder Raise
    • Sprint to Right Field
    • SSH x 15 IC
  • XC Skier, Ax-Man Hi-low (knee kick), Straight Arm Pull Down, Eye-level row
    • Sprint to Right Field
    • 20 Merkins
  • Ax- Man Hi-low, Straight Arm Pull-Down, Eye-level row
    • Sprint to Right Field
    • Plank 30 seconds – Plank Jacks x 10 IC
  • Back Row, Concentration Curl, Chest Press, Chest Fly, Tricep Extension
    • Sprint to Center Field
    • Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
  • Back Row, Concentration Curl, Chest Press, Chest Fly, Tricep Extension
    • Omaha

Mosey to Sunset drive and line up single file on the curb for some Curb Stomping to the Huntington Intersection. At which point we moseyed back to the basketball court. What came next was the first #PROTEST of the day in Greensboro.

Burpee Ball has made its way to the end of the workout because frankly it took up too much time of YHC’s planned thang. The pax are sooo good at it, it becomes too difficult to call Omaha. This round of Burpee Ball is under protest, albeit YHC’s best effort to get our Burpee Challenge completed for the day. At least 25 Burpees/pax


  • 3Fs (2 Sets)
    • Flutter Kicks x 12 IC
    • Figure8s x 12 IC
    • Freddie Mercuries x 12 IC
  • Set separated by sitting Windmills x 12 IC
  • Circuit ( 2 Sets)
    • LBC x 12 IC
    • Rope Pull x 12 IC
    • Rocky’s x 12 SC
    • Homer to Marge x 12 IC
    • Marge to Sky x 12 SC
  • Set separated by sitting Windmills x 12 IC


#goodtimemark feel free to use that hashtag anytime

70-75% on your first sprint of the day is a good idea. Speedy recovery for Bird’s Nest


  • 2nd F lunch Friday 6/17 @ 11:45, Pollo Pizza – 602 Hickory Ridge Drive (Udders Site Q)
  • Prayers for Gilligan and his family. T-claps extended from Gilligan to F3 community for all of the support and positive outreach #whatitsallabout
  • Butt Fumble on Q for Rainbow Dash this Saturday
  • F3 summer camping trip this weekend, Sacked Site Q – Grandfather mountain. Reach out to him, J-love, Wicked, Wilson others if interested
  • 3rd annual F3 golf tournament announced. 7/29 @ 1:00 Olde Sycamore in Charlotte (36 4somes)


  • YHC took us out

Great to be back amongst the Pax after a 2 week hiatus. Thanks to all the men who held the AO together in my stead.

***3rd F Highlights*** Bird’s Nest Site Q***

John Chapter 10

Vs 24 – Are you the Messiah? tell us plainly!!!!!

  • Jesus has already told them about 10 different times 10 different ways
    • not an intellectual issue
      • heart issue
  • Biblically – Intellectual belief is the same as being lost
    • true biblical belief is TRUST
    • example: Charles Blondin – tightrope walker. Crowd believed he could cross Niagra Falls. When he asked for volunteers, no one volunteered. Until his manager was selected and he completed the challenge successfully. Crowd had intellectual belief, but 0 TRUST
    • equivalency: People had seen the miracles and heard the claims. Realized Jesus could be from God, but people weren’t willing to BELIEVE/TRUST Him with their life.
  • Trust issues/emotional barriers
    • Bad experiences in church as youth
    • Social/Political/Economical risks
    • Family disassociation
  • Intellectual barriers
    • Bad information
      • Science collides rather than colludes with religion
      • All religions say the same thing
  • Volitional Issues
    • willing to cease control of one’s own life

Are you married? ————————————-How good is your marriage?


  • Jesus has us – vs 28,29
  • God has us – vs 29b
    • Double deity grasp
    • This grasp is based on our faith in the …..resurrection

Crowd asked for a plain answer:

  • vs 30 “I and the Father are one.”
    • as plain as it can get
  • For the 4th time, they gather stones to kill him vs 31
  • Crowd acknowledges his works vs 33
    • Stoning for “blasphemy” vs 33b
  • Starting in vs 31 we see Christ working His argument from a backwards perspective.
    • Asks why He is being stoned – “works…For which of these do you stone me?”
    • vs34 “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods” (little g)
      • Here he is referencing Psalm 82
        • Psalm 82:6 – “I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High’
        • If you are all gods, why do you persecute the very God that the Father has sent into the world.  vs 36
    • vs 38 Christ pleads for them to believe in His works – for their understanding.
      • “But if I do them, even though you do not believe me, believe the works, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me, and I in the Father.
  • Again Christ escapes and goes back across the Jordan to where John the Baptist was operating in earlier days.
    • here many believed in Jesus
    • Jerusalem was the epicenter of religion. The temple was built there for Christ. It was God’s chosen piece of land. However, they wanted nothing to do with the One that was supposed to be there (threatened?). People had to travel 50 miles to receive what they needed. All the religion man could eve need was in Jerusalem…religion is never truly fulfilling.
    • How far do you have to travel to be fulfilled?
  • In the book of Revelation, the church was referenced as a lamp stand.
    • Q: What is a lamp stand? A: A stand that holds a lamp
    • Q: What is a lamp stand that holds a lamp but has no bulb? A: A bowl
    • Solution: Screw in the bulb
      • Christ was meant to be the light of the world
        • John 8:12
          • “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never was in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Bird’s Nest prayed us out. We will pick up in Chapter 11 next week before taking a break for the summer.

PAX: Petrified, Ozone, Play it Again, Woody, J Love, Gilligan, Freon, Quicken, Bubba Gump, Bird’s Nest, Big Mitt (QIC)

QIC: Big Mitt