11 PAX for an impromptu  back to back Q from YHC. Arriving to the AO I knew there was a possibility now Q had been set with the lack of chatter last night, and the hesitancy for anyone to call the Monday lead. After a small showing on Saturday for YHC’s block inspired sweatfest, I figured a little block déjà vu was in store. We circled around the flag with 2 visitors in tow for…

Conditions: not as H.O.T with a slight breeze


Warm-up: (IC)

SSH x 30, TTT (slow bc I needed it) x20, IW x 20, tempo merkin x 15, copperhead squat x 20, 8 count body builder x 10…mosey the track (~.3 mi)

Partner up…One partner follow YHC to grab a block while  other PAX planks

The Thang:

Partner 1 begins 10 blockees (burpee a block press), 20 block squats, 30 curls and repeat while partner 2  runs the loop (~.3 mi) Flapjack until Q calls time. Just about everyone made 4 laps.

Move over to the wall and keep partners. Partner 1 performs wall sit with block  press over head while partner 2 completes 20 Merkins. Flapjack until both have complete 2 rounds. Next exercise…Partner  1 performs wall sit  with block  in lap while partner 2 completes 20 LBCs. Flapjack for 2 rounds

Move over to the Bball court and line up in plank along the sideline. All PAX perform moving merkins across width of court. At halfway, switch directions so both arms and legs get an equal opportunity to hurt. T-Claps to  Hightimes  for this #crowdpleaser he introduced  a few months ago and I stored it away for another time.

Put blocks away and mosey to the flag for 4 MOM:

All PAX  plank and perform alt leg raises IC x 20, Dirty Dogs x 20 each leg, plank with right arm up and left arm up  on Q call.



Prayers: continued prayers for Buckeye and his family

Announcements: Ragnar relay Fort Mill in October. More info to come out of theFort. Still need Qs. Still need to encourage those we know  to come out to the gloom.

Moleskin: Great to have visitors out from Greensboro and Fort Mill today. The fartsack has been strong lately. Slim Shady is a beast. Mumblechatter is low on Monday mornings, but moans and groans were high. Blocks don’t seem to  get lighter the more  you lift them. If this heat keeps up, it’s only a matter of  time before Slim Shady and 12 Gauge start working out shirtless. Simpson is still MIA…  It was once again a pleasure to spend the morning with such great men.

Gambit OUT!

PAX: Gambit (again)

QIC: 06/13/16