On a perfect morning, YHC got back in the saddle at the Cadet Lab and the PAX was ready to go. Welcome to FNG Thinner. Sorry I missed his 1st name, but the last name was Gainor. Did not have my phone. Here is what went down:


25 SSHs IC

25 Don Quixotes IC

25 Hillbillies IC

30 Sun Gods IC F

25 Sun Gods IC R

25 Safe Crackers IC

25 Imperial Walkers

Mosey halfway around the parking lot.


Partner Up, #1 does a lap halfway around the parking lot while #2 starts on 200 LBCs. Continue until completed and then continue laps and start on 100 merkins. Rinse and repeat both exercises. Then start 100 Hillbillies IC while partner runs and plank for the 6 when complete.


20 Low Slow Flutters IC

10 Box Cutters IC

10 Marge

Several slow Homers and Marges

10 Crunchy Frogs IC

20 Ukrainian Twists (Led By Kay)


Kay took us out.


Working on Qs for the next few weeks.

Toto and his wife’s international adoption may not work out. Prayers for them.

Great work today. It was an honor to lead again.


PAX: Heisenberg, FNG (Thinner) Missed 1st Name, Last Name Gainor, Spurrier, Stubing, Double Check, Cheesehead, Kay, Udders, Misfire, Nails (Q)

QIC: Nails