Upon arriving to the battlefield on this beautiful morning, I looked across the area wondering if anyone would show having heard about many PAX heading out for their weekend trips. Minutes before launch cars started pulling up.  Of course Nancy was on Nancy time.  6:00 came and it was time to roll.


windmills x 15

sungods x 15 forward

x15 backward

monkey humpers x 20

This is where we took a nice little mosey to Lindley Elementary school where we were able to converse while stretching our legs.

We arrived at the dirt track where we alternated sprinting and running each side of the squarish track. Planked for the six. We did three laps in this fashion and then moseyed back to the basketball courts to start our 5 pain stations.

Since there were only seven of us we ran together in ascending order through the stations.


Station one:

Using the rickety old wooden fence dividing the parking lot from the basketball court:

Dips x 30

Derkins x 20

Suicides set up in the parking lot x 2


Station two:

We circled up inside the bathroom shelter

Side hip dips x 15 per side

Step ups x 15 per leg

Monkey humpers x 30 single count

next exercise was a very interesting duck walk (complete with quaking) to the basketball courts.

Station 3

PAX were instructed to bear crawl the length of the court and perform 10 burpees at the end.

The trip back was Bear crawl backward and do LBCs till the six was in and then another 30 LBC in cadence together.

The backward bear crawl had Nancy thanking himself for getting performance enhancing drugs injected into his shoulder.

PAX to sprint to station four at the playground.


Station four:

Pull-ups x 10

Squats x 30

Lunges per leg x 15

Karaoke run the the fifth station


Station five:

Bodybuilders x 15

Sumo Squats x 40

WWII situps x 20

The PAX showed maximum effort and were able to accomplish a second round of stations one and two.


Finally it was time for some Mary:

Freddy Mercury x 30

side plank hip dips x 10 per side

Hold 30 second plank

In and out abs x 10

American Hammers x 20


Great effort by the PAX today.  I was a good one and everyone pushed!  Welcome back Shuttlecock after a six month hiatus!!

Sole crusher tomorrow 6:30 behind Tex and Shirley in the friendly center.

F3 Camping trip Friday through early Sunday morning. Gonna be Great times!!

2nd F and Common Grounds immediately following.

Nancy felt lead to take us out.








PAX: Shuttlecock, Nancy, Footloose, Ozone, Graffiti, Girth

QIC: 3 for 1