NOTICE:  YHC had no idea that Gunny brought forth a similar but not the same brick in the hand workout at Fenceline on Tuesday.  YHC had not posted at Fenceline that day and had not consulted with Gunny at HDHH on Wednesday.  YHC was not intentionally, maliciously or egregiously trying to kill Bodett’s shoulders.  That being said, great minds think alike…

11 PAX gathered on a surprisingly chilly morning see what was hidden in YHC’s trunk. After the disclaimer about not smashing your head in with a brick, everyone grabs two bricks and they carry it for the whole beatdown.


SSH  20 IC

Sun Gods 10 IC forward 10 IC backwards

Hillbillies 25 IC

Moroccan night club 10 IC

String ripper 10 IC

Mosey to the Amphitheater for  THE THANG

 1) DirtyMacDeuce: A #Routine — 4 sets of three exercises done to 12 repetitions at a four-count, with 12 seconds of rest in-between each set.  Each set consists of a chest/ab/core.

Merkin/LBC/Wojo squat

Werkins/crab reach/pickle pusher

Drydock/hammer/mountain climber

Dive bomber merkin/Freddie Mercury/crab cake

Mosey back to Shelter 1 by the shovel flag

2Jacob’s Ladder:

Starting at 7 and working our way down.  3 Exercises: Burpees, Dips, T-bar Merkins

7-Burp/ 7-Dip/ 7-TbM, 6-Burp/ 6-Dip/ 6TbM, 6-Burp/6-Dip /6-tbM, etc..

Mosey to the parking lot behind the community center

3) triple decker  Groups of 3, 1 runs 50 yds and back, 1 holds Al Gore, 1 does Chinooks:  Switch off after every run.  (Shoulders were screaming at this point) Run for 6 minutes

6MOM=Plankorama 6minute plank

1 min plank

30 sec side plank

30 sec side plank

30 sec regular

30 plank with right leg raise

30 sec plank with left leg raise

30 sec regular

30 right arm extended

30 sec left arm extended

30 sec 6in plank

Iron cross 30 sec

NOW, you can put the bricks away…

COT:  Longtime took us out.


-Longtime had a great point in the COT how after the bricks are released, we are freed to carry on and do good.  To YHC, the bricks kind of symbolize the daily burdens we carry with us.  With this workout, we carry each other’s burden together through the beatdown and then shed them at the end to start anew.

-We did not lose anyone today, great job fellas.


-Xerox needs Qs for this AO.  This is a great AO, lots of great options for pain.  Step up.

-The Ruckus will be a Mountain Bike ride at Country Park. 6AM launch. We will ride for 50 min and then converge for the Nightmare.

-Long Time-New NO RUNNING workout on Thursdays at Country Park. 5:30am launch  #easyworkout

It was an honor to lead.




PAX: 188

QIC: Bodett, Flamingo, Stubing, Long Time, Misfire, Double Check, Spurrier, Brown Noser, Jim Bob, Schnitzel, Matlock (QIC)