Warm-a-rama: 8 pax mosied around the front of Kernoodle MS, wrapped around the back, toured the ball fields until reaching the maintenance building at Carol Allen Park. Started with Side Straddle Hops and inserted a sequence of merkins. 4 Rounds. Then 20 rep sets, IC of Hillbillies, Abe Vigoda’s, Mountain Climbers, Sun Gods(forward & reverse), Wojo’s(no wait, those are Rippers-Snookie, Q-What’s a Wojo then…), and Freddie Mercurys.

The Thang: Moved in the parking lot to paint parking lot stripes via plank walkers, Omaha called after 4 spaces were painted by the Pax. Then we hit the curb for some Mike Tyson, KO’s were delivered after 30 reps OYO. Then the Pax Snookie-Shuffled (ask for a demonstration) down to the KMS football field. Bruce Lee was there waiting. Bruce Lee: Super Set of Hammer, Leg Raises, LBC’s, Heel Touches, Crunchy Frogs, and 100’s, 20reps IC. No rest between each exercise. Leg Raises counted out to 20. 100’s counted out to 100-single digits. Why Bruce Lee? Rumor has it that this was his workout to build his washboard abs, his workout was 90 reps of each exercise with 3 sets. (We’ll build to that gentlemen) Or, it’s possible the named was derived cause our 6 was kicked while doing this super set. Mumble Chatter ceased during Bruce Lees, maybe out of respect. Groans were heard, or were they sound effects, out of respect for his movies. (Let’s see if we can add Bruce Lee to the Lexicon.) Then we proceeded to one end of the football field, divided into 2 teams and knocked out a set of Plank Hurdles. Low bridges were encouraged. After a much needed recover, the Pax started a quick game of Ultimate Frisbee, with an F3 twist: at each change of possession(dropped pass, out of bounds, interception, etc), the team losing possession did 5 Merkins. At each score, the defending team did 10 Burpees. A Merkin-fest ensued as the Pax are far removed from college form. Snookie busted out a respectable Pete Rose. Mad Respect. The Q made an SC Top Ten catch on his back after superb defense from Longtime deflected the pass up. Note to Longtime, Youtube the “Prayer at Jordan-Hare”. Bat it down, not up. Catch resulted in a quick pass to TPS for the go-ahead score. Game called, due to time, and there was much rejoicing.

Mary: Pax proceeded to KMS front lot and knocked out some Cindy Crawfords and Nolan Ryans. Announcements, praises, prayer concerns followed.

An honor to serve,



PAX: TPS, Daughtry, Longtime, Snooki, MacGyver, Terminator, Streamer, CRAWLSPACE

QIC: Crawlspace