Welcome to another installment of a slightly confusing 3 for 1 beatdown. Mumblechatter was at a mederate level this beautiful morning with new exercises themed around my 33rd birthday.  29 gents showed great effort this morning.  The workout went as follows:


windmills 20 x snookie style

sungods x 10 forward  – 10 x reverse – 10x chinucks

20 lb indian run around the parking lot.  I could have been more clearer about what was expected of the PAX.

Back to the circle where we counted off into four groups and then paired up within groups.

station one:

33 x monkey humpers

33 x weighted lunges

33 x weighted goblet squats

station two:

While staying down in plank postiion.

set one:

Person 1 does: 33 x mt climbers while person 2 works on total of 33 merkin pulls. Guys alternate till all merkin pulls are done.

Set two:

Person one does: 33 plank jacks and the takes over for person two doing spiderman pushups (crowd favorite!). Alternate until the 33 total spiderman pushups are done.


Station three:

Side bends x 33

Squatted partner twists x 33

weighted hillbillies x 33

station 4:

1 lap around the track – sprinting the last 33%

12 x maktar enji

10 x burpees

10 x partner derkins

We all got a full rotation and one set before having to omaha for mary.


Weighted jackknives x 20

lbc x 30

side hip dips 10 per side

American Hammer x 20


Great efort by the PAX today and welcome FNG “BOLT”

*Disclaimer: Just like bodett said, if the Bluetooth speaker isnt disconnected (which i thought i did) it will only record where the speaker is….. so i recorded 7 minutes of birds chirping. If i didn’t get your name in the PAX list, it doesn’t mean that I love you less, its just i couldn’t remember everyone there. 


TPS: “Get your butts out to kernoodle on saturdays”

Sacked: F3 camping trip

Borne: pray for his buddy going through hard times.

Jitterbug: third F at panera discussing red sea rules


PAX: Boonesfarm, Snookie, Sacked, Bodett, TPS, Borne, Double Check, Brown Noser, Avacado, War Damn Eagle, Heizenburg, Squirrel, FNG BOLT, Jitterbug, Tommy Boy,

QIC: 3 for 1