There was a mayday APB call for a substitute Q for the now legendary Fenceline around 19 hours prior to kickoff.  YHC has been remiss at not getting over to Fenceline in many moons.  Fenceline, an AO where mumblechatter is thick and beatdowns are epic, two things came to mind: SPEED & VIOLENCE.  These two words are so very special and spreading them around at every opportunity brings YHC great joy.  And by violence that is to say violence of action; so that whatever remnants of Sad Clown Syndrome that may exist will be purged in a mighty rush of 1st, 2nd and 3rdF’s all coming down like a ton of bricks (pun intended). 10 PAX were up for the challenge #Youversusyou.  Here’s what it was…

Brief disclaimer and sharing the 3 core principles of an F3 workout which are as follows: “Free to all men, Takes place outdoors rain or shine and is Peer led”.  All PAX greeted by open truck bed with bricks for all comrades, two fr each hand.  We mozied around schoolhouse to the soccer/baseball field for Warm-O-Rama.

Warm-O-BRICK-O-Rama (all commands executed with bricks in hand):

Flock of Seagulls – 15x

Sun Gods – 15x Forward, no recovery / 15x Reverse

Windmills – 15x

SS Hops (no bricks) – 25x

Squatted Chinooks – 15x

Wojo Squats – 20X

Crab Cakes – 20X

With bricks in hand, Mozy back around school to the mini Bristol shortt track beside parking lot where we partnered off for the Thang.  At this point mumblechatter began to foment regarding bricks, optimal grip and swolled up thumbs

The Thang – Twin Towers of Trust:      Twin towers of trust involves raising up bricks, extending arms out straight to your partner who is directly across from you.  Staring into your partner’s eyes is acceptable, even encouraged but could get creepy after several minutes.  While all PAX are holding up bricks with arms outstretched, last two men in line bear crawl through to the end of line and so it goes, each man bear crawling with bricks under “towers” of those PAX holding their bricks overhead, careful not to drop said bricks on their bear crawling brothers beneath them.

We conducted Twin Towers of Trust from the one end of short track to the other (40ish yards).  It was here where mumblechatter reached a fever pitch and at which point YHC advises group that chondroitin or Olive oil might be necessary to ease pain in thumbs and hands from kung-fu grips PAX had on bricks.  At which point Woody and Quicken got into a real discussion of side effects of actually chugging olive oil and what it may or may not do to the human body.  Please ask Quicken how it went

Upon completion of the Towers Thang Part II went like this:  Partner 1 would run around track while partner 2 executed following exercises, then flapjack. Exercises in between running track looked like this:

Merkins, Double Wide Merkins, Wojo Squats, Flock of Seagulls, Jack/Brick Webb’s, People’s Chair (on tree), Plank Jacks…  Omaha was called at 6:10.  We took short mozy back to shovelflag for 6MOM

Box Cutters – 20x

Cindy Crawford’s – 15X each side

American Hammers – 20X

Thanks all 9 of you guys for making it the best part of my day and experiencing all 3 F’s bundled up in a 45 minute period of time.  #smallgroupcohesion  YHC closed us in prayer…  My honor and privilege to help facilitate and enjoy some great fellowship with each of you.   Continue EH’ing to bring new men into our welcoming group.  #GiveItAway #PlantGrowandServe



PAX: Ozone, Hoser, Quicken, Woody, Bodette, Romo, Stella, Knob, Swayze, Gunny (QIC)

QIC: Gunny