YHC lead the PAX consisting of YHC alone on a Nomad workout at Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Oddly, no mumble chatter was heard.  After a very brief disclaimer to myself and a count off of 1, it went a little something like this.


SSH x 20

Windmill x 20

Sungod x 20 (10 each direction)

Hillbilly x 20


Run 1/2 mile circuits and perform the following after each 1/2 mile loop.

Merkin x 10

Goblet squats x 10

LBC’s x 10

With each lap, count increases by 10 with a total of 6 laps run and 3.2 miles of distance covered.

After some brief mumble chatter from YHC’s dogs, 6MOM was performed.


American Hammer (IC) x 20

LBC (IC) x 20

Cindy Crawford x 20 

LSF (IC) x 20


Hard to make a circle with one person, but I did my best.

Honored to lead myself.  Happy to have F3 as a guiding force even when I am alone.


PAX: 222

QIC: June 9th, 2016