Ok, it’s getting a bit different at the “Murph” these days! Sort of like pretending your a human puppet whilst someone controls your movements..and refers to you as good time ? Mumble chatter abound, but I think we got better today?  Here is how we began our strength training for the official challenge in 2017.

warmaramma- 3/4 mile mosey to the large fitness center.

thang- series of strength exercises performed with planche and core work in between.

  1. 4 Dead arm hangs 30-40 sec
  2. 3 Flexed arm hangs 30-40 sec
  3. 2 Negative rep arm hangs
  4. 3 Wall Stands – 30-45-60 sec
  5. 3 Finger tip arm hangs 30 sec
  6. 1 Extended arm bar raise 30-60 sec

Mary – mosey back to flag


Awesome work men! SYITG Wicked

PAX: Wicked

QIC: 06/09/16