On a very warm and humid morning, 17 of Natville’s finest and 1 FNG gathered in the Jesse Wharton Gloom for what was described during the disclaimer as a guarantee of a beatdown to leave you wet.

We got things started with a bear crawl around the circle then a mosey to the rear fields.


Sun gods f/r IC x 15

String Rippers IC x 20

Lap around field with burpee at corner of lacrosse fields- 8 total burpees; Wojo Squats** completed waiting for the 6 (**trademark of any Bodett led workout).

THANG (team up in teams of 3)

P1- Chinese March (peoples chair with legs in a march motion)


P3-to playground for knee ups to chin

rotate through 2 cycles of each then plank

TRAIL Run to utility easement #high_grass. #mumblechatter may have been heard that it was too dark, but there was a disclaimer. There we did 3 man team BLIMPS at trail entrance. One partner ran. At the top of the next hill we cycled through Air Squared, SSH, Plank, Al Gore, Seal Jack, Table (keep going until partner arrives).

30 Burpees

60 Lunges

90 IWs

120 Merkins

150 Plank Jacks

180 Squats

Some groups finished about when time was called, all groups had gotten to the squats. Some pax claimed they may have gotten poison ivy; however, YHC did not seen any in scouting nor during the workout and pointed out that what they saw was not it. (yes, it is leaves of 3, but the leaves are also ‘mitten’ shaped). Anyway, if you saw it; why not move to a different location for your arm down exercises?

Mosey back to circle for Mary.


LBC x 20 IC

LSF x 15 IC

Hammer x 20 IC


  • Qs are always needed, if you are not Qing at least 1x per month and have attended more than 2 workouts it is time to step up.
  • Camping trip June 17- talked to Sacked for details

Wicked took us out reminding us how great it feels after a completed workout.

PAX: Sacked, Stubing, Schnitzel, Huffy, Botox, Sweater Vest, TPS, Wicked, Drizzle, Jitterbug, Boones Farm, Flamingo, Compound, 3 for 1, Cecil, Brown Noser, Jim-Bob* (formerly known as Eric Gamble) *change from name-o-rama after name check

QIC: Bodett