Awesome morning to get after it.  26 Pax made it out the sack to come enjoy an easy day of light exercise.

Welcome FNG – Strange Brew – Scott Milroy!  Nice work this morning!

Shakeweight – 6/7/16

Yoga warm up with 2 minutes of plank, followed by 6 inches with Butt Fumble holding the count , 20 push ups oyo, 1 minutes of table with right leg up and then left leg up, figure 4 stretch both sides, 6 inches with TPS count starting with 3,2,1, then restarted the count at 30 with a little extra counting, Bicycle IC x 20, hamstring stretch

4 corners with blocks (20 lb) – sprint the short side, mosey the long side, plank if need be if station full

Corner #1

  1. Overhead Press x 30
  2. Curls x 30
  3. Tricep Extension x 30
  4. Bent Row x 30
  5. Straight Arm Raises x 30

Corner #2

  1. Flutter Kick x 100 with block held over chest
  2. American Hammer x 100 with Block
  3. Sit Up with Block x 50
  4. X/O with block; lay flat on ground with block overhead, legs 6” and bring everything in to stomach x 30
  5. A-Z (legs together spelling alphabet) with block over chest

Corner #3

  1. Squat with Block x 50
  2. Lunges with Block x 20 each leg
  3. Jump Squat w/o block x 30
  4. Calf Raises with Block x 100
  5. One leg raises with block x 30 each leg (balance on one leg and go down 6-8 inches and back up).

Corner #4

  1. Jack Webb x 30
  2. Clean and Press w/block x 30
  3. Block bench press x 100
  4. Upright Row x 50
  5. Burpee x 20

After Corner #5, merkin ladder followed by Mosey and station in center circle for 20 merkins and 20 situps.  The back to back merkins were a little tough but looked over and Crab Cakes was doing one armed push ups – kept pushing with 2.

TPS took Mary for crunchy frog x 20 IC (Q was getting phone), Q took over and called crunchy frog x 20 IC (lots of mumblechatter), and final exercise of Marge Homer by 20 or so.

COT by Beg Bug (awesome job)


Butt Fumble thank everyone that came out for the workday.  It was a big success and got lots accomplished.

Butt Fumble is putting together the blood drive.  See email for sign up.  Sunday, June 26th – 39 slots on the bus.

TPS said Cougartown is not members only.  There is a cover charge.  Q asked the question about ladies and response was Lynda has been out there.  Q asked about Daphne?  Fun stuff!


PAX: Flapjack, Scott Milroy – Strange Brew, Graffati, Kicker, Boones Farm, Snowden, JR, Buck, Pamela, DOS, Tea Party, Paula Deane, Cecil, Polar, Elmer, Daisy, Boy Wonder (Happy Birthday!), Bedbug, Butt Fumble, TPS, Crab Legs, Huffy, Squirrel, Screamer, Brown Noser, Wilson

QIC: Wilson