19 ready and willing Dashians braved a beautiful morning in support of this QIC for his VQ.  After some pre-workout mumble chatter, a disclaimer, and a 12 page The Thang instructions we were off in to the Rowdy Rainbow Yonder…..

Mosey to the basketball court for:



25 SSH x 25 IC

Windmills x 12

Sun Gods x 12 IC

Sun Gods Reverse x 12 IC

Chinooks x 12 IC

Chinooks Reverse x 12 IC

Off to the Thang:


The Thang – Carnival Games

PAX partnered up, size mattering none, and each pair headed off separately to five stations.  The stations hit a variety of fun places, reach a station, do the exercises until your partner returns (run or wall climb or hill climb, etc), alternate, earn a prize ticket and mosey to the next station.

Station #1 (shovel flag parking lot) – Blocks of Fun

Partners Alternate Using Blocks

Run Lap / Shoulder Press

Run Lap / Curls

Run Lap / Extended Shoulder Raises

Run Lap / Upright Rows


Station #2 (hill) – Tar “Hill” Trot

Bear Crawl / LBCs

Crap Walk (in honor of Viagra) / WWI Sit-ups

Lunge / Dying Cockroach


Station #3 (wall climb) – Rock Wall Climb

2 Wall Climbs / Burpees

2 Wall Climbs / Carolina Dry Docks

2 Wall Climbs / Merkins

2 Wall Climbs / Dips


Station #4 (track) – Fun Run

Run Lap / Plank

Run Lap / Air Claps

*QIC Omaha’d two laps for PAX


Station #5 (basketball court) – Toe Jam

Balls to the Wall / 60 Second Flutter Kicks

Balls to the Wall / 45 Second Flutter Kicks

Balls to the Wall / 30 Second Flutter Kicks

Balls to the Wall / 15 Second Flutter Kicks


Back to the Shovel Flag to redeem carnival games prize tickets:

Complete three stations or less prize is:

5 Burpees

5 Squat Jumps

Complete four stations prize is:

10 Burpees

10 Squat Jumps

Complete five stations prize is:

15 Burpees

15 Squeat Jumps

QIC soon had to Omaha the prize round due to time.


Carnival Barkings:

-Community Housing Solutions work days.  2nd of the work days following workout until 4pm.  One work day every quarter.

-Blood Drive, Sunday, June 26th at Cycles d’Oro

-Q’s needed at various AO’s

-Coffeteria for Rainbow Dash now at Green Bean located on Cornwallis.

**QIC has Gum Drops shoes which were left in the parking lot.





PAX: 0

QIC: 2